2020-11-06 Flip that Script!

I had over 7 hours of sleep and a sleep score of 84 last night so of course I feel as though I can kick the worlds ass and take all the names. I believe we are on the cusp of some really great news and that’s a big contributing factor too.

If patience is a virtue then we’re all freaking saints for waiting for 4 years for a crumb of normalcy to be restored to our political system. I mean, the Turnip Circus has to end, let us breathe and get back to work on issues. Yes, I’m counting chickens but we’re so close. Today is the day!

The flip side, however, is that drama is unavoidable. Being cautious about how much “normal” is possible is well justified. The issues America faces far outweigh our resources and divided as we are, progress in the right direction is all but impossible.

Again, the individual is a microcosm of the country. Internally conflicted, overwhelmed with responsibility, and having limited time and energy means we often spin our wheels and don’t get anywhere. Who else feels like this? I’m raising my hand.

Today I’m going to try and capitalize on the extra energy and bounce in my spirit to make progress. All week I’ve been zombiing through my hours and days, just trying to keep up with the minimum required. I’m looking forward to flip side of that script.

Case in point, it’s just now 8am and I’ve already done the dishes, baked chicken for lunches and dinners, and am getting my steps in. The faster I can clear my daily chores, the faster I can get to my to-do list.

But what exactly does the to-do list look like these days?

Submissions are a given. I’m holding steady at around 60 outstanding, trying to stick to a plan of subbing when rejections and acceptances hit my in-box, plus work on the chapbook which is a slice of my manuscript and try to get that picked up by a reputable publication.

Then there’s that stupid lecture I have to give to complete the requirements for my MFA which I’ve already received. How messed up is that? And no wonder I’ve had no motivation to do this. It was weeks ago they asked for an expansion on the one sentence description I provided last March. I had a lovely little reminder in my email this week, so i have to at least figure out what I want my topic to be.

What else?

A growing list of stuff for the GLR. The business of starting an official nonprofit. That’s been in my court for weeks and I’ve just procrastinated the hell out of it. Today is the day!!

Plus.. it’s going to be another 70+ degree day outside which makes it perfect for that final garden cleanup that’s needed. This is the only task that I’ve made good progress on this week in the midst of anxiety and exhaustion. It’s my other form of therapy, being outside and digging in the dirt, and thankfully November has cooperated thus far.

That’s it. That’s enough. Time now to get on with it.

~Miss SugarCookie

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