2020-11-18 Disappearing Acts

Another day alive is another day to try to get it right. All-in-all, I feel pretty good about how yesterday turned out despite some frustrating parenting moments.

I don’t want to bore droning on about sleep, yadda-yadda-woof-woof, but three nights in a row of good sleep can’t be a fluke right? The CBD thing could be legit.

You know what also happens when a person gets better sleep? They start to become human again. My mood has improved and I’m starting to look forward to “things” again. Things being all kinds of goings-on from trips to the grocery to evenings watching a show, to conversations with other people. That’s something.

I’m a bit of a travel junkie at times and though Covid has put a damper on most of that, this morning Jim and I were talking about a road trip south for our 1 year anniversary in February. Instead of secretly dreading the thought of going anywhere I found myself actually a touch excited about it. That’s how I know I might truly be on my way to being back to my best self.

Am I knocking on wood? Hell yes.

Of course it’s still early in the day. And goodness knows that life has a way of throwing wrenches. I just have to enjoy it while it lasts.

In other news, I proclaimed yesterday after having a good day and a glass of wine that I was considering going “off the grid“ for a while. But what does that mean? Really?

A few weeks ago I watched a documentary called Social Dilemma, and it made me want to dump social media completely. But how does one even do that? I mean, without dumping accounts and / or being a hypocrite. Can I keep my accounts active and just be absent from active participation? I mean, of course I can.

But, herein lies the rub: I’m engaged in several endeavors where social media is a key aspect of promotion. Sad but true. It’s truly essential as it’s the very best (well, easiest) platform for self-promo as well as supporting the lit mag.

As far as the Good Life Review goes, I suppose that instead of relying so much on FB and Twitter, I can research other avenues. All of them are still going to be internet based but removing the purely “social” platforms might make me feel like I’m contributing a worthwhile effort to the cause. Somehow no matter what I do, it never feels like enough.

I really don’t participate in FB or twitter or insta that much anyhow, so backing off more and disappearing completely for a while Isn’t a big change.

I’d also like to be less tethered to my phone. Pay more attention to my screen time. Leave it on the charger for most of the day. But when making changes I also want to be realistic; do some serious thinking about what I need and what I need it for.

It’s a slippery slope and easy to slide right back in if one is not careful and diligent and determined.

It’s also easier if you have supporting g people in your life. Jim is also wanting to be less tethered to his phone, so we can do this together and support each other. He does not do the social media thing, so he’s ahead on that game already.

In other, other news. As I prepare to disappear I’m also preparing materials for a poetry/prose reading that is open to the public. Ironic no? Yesterday I finished selecting my materials and worked on timing. The event is called The Raccoon River Reading series and it’s happening next Tuesday at 7pm via Zoom. I’ll share the link when I have it.

That’s all I got for today ya’ll. That’s enough right?! Time to jam.

Cheers to peace, love, and invisibility,
~Miss SugarCookie

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