2021-01-30 Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

From Oklahoma to Omaha to pet some fat cats. We’re home again, home again, just like that.

AKA Oklahoma Adventure Day 6. The last leg home. A day no pictures will be taken. A day of driving highways in Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa in the rain. A day where the highlight is arriving home and having the cats excited to see us. They are not starving save for attention. Darling daughter was here to take care of them while we were away but doesn’t give them the same attention we do.

She was apparently hanging out in the living room until we arrived and then she quickly disappeared to her room. No chat about the week, just hi and bye. Ok. 

I’m pretty much unpacked now but seriously beat. I thought I could walk the treadmill but after being in the car for a 10 hour stretch (split in two with an overnight stay in Pittsburgh Kansas) and also a 2 hour horse trail ride yesterday, my body is begging for some couch time. Who knew riding a horse would make a person sore like this? 

I’ve been on horse rides before but not with this amount of trotting. My horse yesterday broke into a trot every time the horse in front of her did. Her name was Bella, and she seemed ok with the ride while we were moving but every time we stopped she pulled at the reins and tried to nip backwards like she was trying to bite me. More on that tomorrow, maybe, if I feel inclined to walk and rehash more of my Oklahoma adventure.

I mean, the last I wrote was after day 1. For a trip that was supposed to partially for rest and relaxation, we didn’t seem to have enough time for me to have any solo R and R or time for writing. Which became a bit of a problem the last couple of days, but hashing that’s not in the cards for today either. 

It seems this is the end of today’s trail as well. Perhaps if I had a good nap, I could bounce back, but that’s probably unlikely. 

After 6 nights away I’m really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. That, my friends is sure to be the highlight of my Saturday night.

Glad to be home,

~Miss SugarCookie

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