2021-03-26 The Princess and Her Particularity 👑

It’s just past 6AM and I could use a nap. Oh how I want a do-over for my day yesterday or my night last night. What would I do differently? Not sure, but it’s just really rotten that I have to wake up, not in my own house and bed and then be tired on the Friday my hubby has off and not be my best self for the first double date I’ve gotten to go on in years. It just stinks! 

I can feel myself getting more bitchy as time with my mom drags on. Have you ever heard of the story “The Princess and the Pea?” It’s about a prince searching for a proper princess and finds it in an girl who doesn’t look the part but passes the test of being a true princess because she could sense the pea placed under 9 mattresses and could not get a good sleep. What a test!! 

My mom is that princess and let me tell you, if something is just one inch out of place, it needs to be fixed or she can’t rest. Her mind can’t rest. I thought I had a one track mind sometimes but her mind is out of hand. Off the top of my head I could probably name a dozen instances of her insistence and persistence and at the hospital. It was the nurses and techs and PT and OT that had to field most of that. Here, at her house, it’s whoever is taking care of her. Yesterday and last night that was me.

I’m not the one that first brought up that fable. That was the very kind and patient soul from PT that came to help teach my mom how to log roll out of bed and get back in. I think the comment came out when they were getting her back in bed and she was barking orders on how to position her, the bed, and the pillows below her. “More in the middle. I need scootched up. Too far! Too far! The pillow needs to be behind me, but not too far under. That’s too far. OK, I guess that’s ok for now. This bed always deflates and then I feel like I’m laying in a hole. Where’s my call button? It needs to be right here on this side by my head so I can hear the TV. The tray table needs to be on this side too. Put my chapstick closer, and my phone, and the ice chips, and the lotion. I don’t need that, you can put it somewhere else. There’s this trash that needs to be thrown away…”

That’s just a taste. I’m not exaggerating. If that paragraph was hard to read, just think how it is to listen to or be the recipient of all that. The PT person just laughed it off and called her the princess (which I think she liked) and then when he left I explained the story. She doesn’t deny it. She actually admits to all of it and just says that’s the way she is. 

Coming home yesterday wasn’t going to change anything. So far she’s lamented about the bathmat not being straight and against the tub, the counter being full of stuff (which is a bunch of things we brought from the hospital and have not sorted through yet), and the fact that I got ice cubes out of the tray and not out of the bowl in the bottom of the freezer. I had to take the dog out like 5 times. Even last night when I took her out at 9, that wasn’t good enough. I had to take her out again just before bed. And getting her comfortable where she can reach everything is just as painful as it was in the hospital. 

But what can I do? 

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. When my sister arrives today I’m going to get gone and free myself physically and mentally of the burdens of the past two weeks. I’m going to go home and shower and try to nap if there is time. I’m going to try not to drink too much too fast and be on my best behavior for our houseguests. And I’m going to put off going back to her house as long as I can. 

I don’t know when I will get a walk in today, outside of maybe walking the dog. The dog… she’s very sweet but don’t even get me started on taking care of her or dogs in general for that matter. I’m a cat person. That probably says enough.

Wow… another total rant day. Wonderful.

I briefly scrolled through the last few weeks of posts and this nonsense has really taken over my life. Whatever.

Happy Friday Ya’ll,

~Miss SugarCookie

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