2021-10-14 Being Busy has its Advantages

What’s on my mind today? My children flying to Washington by themselves (with each other) and the whole thing is outside my control. Yes, they will be with their dad for the duration of their trip, but he and his significant other flew yesterday. 

Despite my daughter sometimes being needy, she’s definitely independent and very responsible. I trust her to take charge and help her brother. However, that doesn’t stop a mother’s worry. It doesn’t change my fear of something happening and I have to keep telling myself it will all be ok.

It will be fine. It will be fine. It really will.

The trick, at this point, is to distract myself with things that are in my control. I’m therefore going to be exercising, working on the pages for issue 5 of The Good Life Review, and packing for my next vacation which is coming up quick. 

I’ve felt like I’ve needed a vacation for a while now—a serious break from this house and the Cinderella routine. Its been nonstop drama for a few weeks now with plumbing issues, security system issues, and closing the pool. Not to mention the never ending pile of dirty dishes and litter boxes that need scooped! 

I also need some time away from the situations with my parents. Both have ongoing health problems that require more than the typical amount of daughter duties. My brother is actually arriving today to help my mom who’s still recovering from major surgery and chemotherapy. My only task in the next couple days will be to show up at dinner. 

Anyway… I’ve got a lot to get done and, like I said, it’s all a good distraction from the worry balled up in my stomach. And with that.. I’ve gotta jam.

Stay Frosty Friends, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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