2022-02-06 SMA Road Trip Day 0 Continued: The St. Louis Arch

Yesterday we had to push real hard to make our 4:30 ticket time at the Saint Louis arch. We planned to leave home around 9 but became delayed, as is often the case, with all the last minute stuff at the house. 

I was supremely disappointed as we got on the road and was told time was too tight to stop at a place to get coffee. That was my big plan: get on the road and immediately treat myself to a Starbucks or Dunkin’ which I haven’t had in a few months. But no. 

Still, I knew we’d have to stop for gas and to use the restroom at some point so I figured I’d get one then. Gas station cappuccino is also high up on my “road trip set list.” 

Sure enough, after about 1.5 hours I really had to go pee and demanded we stop. Well, I didn’t have to demand, of course, but it was urgent so it felt like a very demanding situation. We pulled off the exit of I-29 South at Mound City.

My husband asked, “Why does Mound City sound so dirty?” 🤣

We stopped at a gas station and he topped off our tank while I ran in. 

Their cappuccino machine was broken and the regular coffee was cold. I literally made a full cup of both and then winced as I tried them. Cappuccino had no flavor and the coffee was like lukewarm dirt water. I knew we were pressed for time so I just headed out the door to get back in the car. 

Oh the tragedy. 

As I type this I’m thinking how effing spoiled must I be to have THIS the memory I feel compelled to capture? 

We ended up stopping exactly one more time for gas and to use the restroom again but by that time the desire for coffee had passed and I was more in the mood for a snack. Alas, I could not make up my mind and left empty handed from a second gas station. What’s a girl to do?

I did pack plenty of snacks, but it goes like this: In the days leading up to my trip, I’m all gung-ho about being healthy. I resolve to make good choices and pack fruits and nuts. Then I get behind the wheel and facepalm. What was I thinking. Have I never learned with about a hundred road-trips under my belt that I’m going to NEED junk food??!! 🤦‍♀️ 

One might also be wondering why booked tickets at a time that would not even leave an extra 15 minutes for anything? Yeah, I wondered the same thing. But we booked last minute and there were no options left for later tour times. And we apparently could not have left any earlier as we ran about a half hour late at the start. 

Anyway, we made good time and hit the St. Louis metro area around 4ish. This left 30 minutes to nav to the parking garage and hoof it to the visitor center. We made it. By a cunt hair. 

Am I allowed to say that? “Cunt hair?” 

Yes… it’s my blog and I can say what I want. 😜

After the shit-show of a week that I’ve been having, I’m embracing my husbands suggestion that I work on caring a little less what other people think. Maybe that should have been a resolution instead off all that healthy stuff!

The Arch was great. We went into “Amazing Race” mode and got in, went up, and then high-tailed it back to the car before the sun completely set.

The ride up to the top was really sketch and not for the claustrophobic for sure! Tiny little pods fitting 5 people max each. Completely enclosed as they “Ferris wheel” you up.

The views from the top were amazing! The city on one side and the river and flatland out for miles on the other side.

Noteworthy on that quick round trip… it takes 4 minutes to get to the top and only 3 to get back down. That means they let gravity do most of the work on the way down. Thank the Universe for brakes! 😜 And also for the tiny windows on the doors. Without that I think I would be right back where I was three years ago having a panic attack at the Statue of Liberty. No bueno.

I never want to feel like that again. If I would have known ahead of time, I might have gotten in my head too much about it and not been able to do it. Glad I didn’t know any better until it was too late. 

Like I said, when we were back down we wasted no time getting out of town. Back on the road and across that mighty Mo to Illinois.

Today I woke in O’Fallon, Illinois and our next stop is Nashville. Hey.. that sounds like a poem I wrote once. It’s called “Next Stop: Nashville” and was published by In Parentheses Magazine in September of 2021 along with three other poems.


With that, I’m going to git. The road (and coffee) are calling. 😂

Cheers to road trips and taking it slow!

~Miss SugarCookie

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