2022-03-18 Sometimes the Wandering Leads to An Idea

Nothing has changed between yesterday and today yet here I am again, resisting the urge to start watching a new show; resisting the urge to go back to bed. 

I’m still thinking about the same things. About my on-again-off-again submission pushes (currently off), all my other goals, and, of course, questioning if I’m on the right track. 

Truth is… I’ve had a little extra caffeine this morning and my detailed thoughts are all over the map. And how, with a war going on (several actually ) in the world, am I to concentrate on one thing enough to write about? 

The answer is that I probably can’t. 

What’s on the agenda today then, after I get my 30 -60 minutes of cardio? 

I’ve got GLR work to do. I’m double booked for lunch… At 11am I’m bringing Panera to “brick and mortar” Margret at her house in Blair Nebraska and then meeting my GLR co-founder, Ed, at 402 eat and drink at 1:30. So the middle part of my day will be bonkers but after that I’m a free bird. 

I’ve spent the better part of the last few days chauffeuring my daughter around to various appointments as she is home on spring break. And as it happens my son is also on spring break but aside from cooking him the usual meals each day, I barely see him.

If I was a good parent, I’d be having more conversations with him about what happens in one month. Graduation and more importantly after. He’s got no real plan. Aside from maybe thinking he wants to be a developer. But doesn’t every teenager who spends their life on video games and discord?

I need to give him a little more credit as he is taking two classes in this last year of high school that are jumping off points for that career. And unlike the standard curriculum of math, English, etc. he actually likes them and is getting A/A+ in the classes. So maybe he will follow in his mama’s footsteps and go into IT. 

Honestly nothing would please me more at this point. And, as it happens, his sister who chose a very forward thinking creative program at UNL, emerging media arts, is very unhappy with the program and the classes. The one class she does love is her coding class where she’s programming animations. 

Maybe I pushed TWO future dev geniuses out of my vagina. Wouldn’t that be something??!! 

And with that… I’m onto something. Something else, I need to cut and run for. 

Peace and always love, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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