2022-08-14 Denver Road Trip Day 4: Meeeeoooow Wolf

This feels like the good ole days right? Writing blog posts every day regardless of how boring or repetitive they are.

Today’s topic is no surprise. Day 4 of my little road trip. Not to be mistaken with my BIG road trip which starts in one short week. I’m not joking. If I did something wrong this go-round I’ll have a do-over in 1 week. Yes.. same road (at least at the start). 

Before I dive into day 4 and completely lose anyone reading… IF you are in the Omaha metro area next Saturday I’ll be reading poetry at the Bookworm at 1pm with a group for their Local Poets Day. It will be my first truly public reading since my book came out so I’m stoked to be there AND maybe sign some copies for those who show up. 💗

Anyhow.. back to Day 4.. Another early morning with treadmill time for this gal. Only not the treadmill because BOTH were broken. As was the pancake machine at breakfast and the ice machines on 2 of the 3 hotel floors. Plus they did not have any of those scrumptious signature cinnamon rolls hat holiday inn express is known for. It’s truly the worst IHG I’ve stayed at in a long time. Never mind that. 

I made the most of my solitary hour on the elliptical machine and then Z and I did our best with what they were offering for breakfast. At least I can have unlimited pumps of French vanilla creamer in my coffee. 🙃

And yes, we had breakfast at 9 despite the fact that we were meeting my sister for brunch at 11:30. It was kind of a mistake, but oh well. 

We went to a place called cozy cottage which was closer to where we were as she lives about 30 miles south of the city. It was pretty good and I’m glad we were able to eat inside as it was about 90 out and super sweaty. It’s been hot this whole time but that’s nothing new as it’s been super hot at home too. 

When we were done we parted ways and Z and I had about 2 hours to kill before our reserved time at Meow Wolf. I kinda thought my sister would invite us to see her place but I dropped a few hints the last couple days and she didn’t bite. 

We drove out to a place near golden called lookout mountain. Not only was it not a mountain but the scenery was not that great AND did I mention it was like 90+ degrees out. Boo. 

We then drove to a somewhat upscale shopping plaza and got Starbucks. Not that either of us wanted more in our system, but we definitely needed the sugar and caffeine to pep up for Meow Wolf. 

As for the Meow Wolf experience itself, we both agreed that it was neat but definitely not worth the ticket price. $52 a person plus $60 for parking!! And here I thought the concert was bad at $25. $60 is outrageous! It just happened to also be Broncos game day and the convergence center is directly adjacent to the stadium so I guess we were paying NFL parking prices. Still… good gravy! 

The whole time we were walking around it felt like we were missing something. Like… is this it? It was definitely not as interactive as I expected. 

The coolest thing was the big room on the first floor that was interactive with lights and pictures on the walls. Like each person had a sensor trained on them and the lights on the floor moved with you. We went to that room twice. 

Again, the rest of it was cool and visually stimulating but we agreed that some of the parts that were supposed to be interactive were disconnected and seemed broken and the “story” of it was… not sure the right words… too difficult to know if we were truly missing something. 

We also didn’t have the “cards” that a few people seemed to have to do stuff and a few kiosks along the way. To me it feels like if you pay 50 to get in, you should not have to pay more once you are inside for anything. It should be like an experience at Universal studios. They explain more as you wait and then you are not left guessing what you were doing wrong. 

I guess that’s it. 

After that we were so done and ready to get out of town. I’ll spare you the details behind the grumpy mood and failed attempt to find food to satisfy my daughter’s craving. I’ll just say I think we hit a wall with our quality Mother-Daughter time. 

I just kept driving east… and things were pretty silent all the way to Fort Morgan. 

We landed in North Platte for the night and let me tell you… not all Holiday Inn Expresses are created equal. This place is a palace compared to the one in Wheat Ridge… nothing is broken and Z was able to have her pancakes AND a cinnamon roll this morning and I’m getting my time on the treadmill now. Score! 

It will take 4 hours to get home if we take I-80, which we most likely will. It will be nice to get home while there’s still a lot of day left. 

Until next time, 

~Miss SugarCookie

One response to “2022-08-14 Denver Road Trip Day 4: Meeeeoooow Wolf”

  1. I was curious on your thoughts of meow wolf. I too was like, am I missing something?
    Definitely felt like maybe you had to be high to enjoy it. 😛


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