2023-02-13 Back with Purpose

It literally took me 8 days after returning home to get my act (and pictures) together enough to post yesterday about my latest adventure. Why? Because actual life waits for no one.

I began writing that post while I was still in the euphoria of vacation freedom. I was feeling so free and happy and just wanted to hold on to that for as long as possible. Despite spending way too much time looking at pictures and thinking about all the wonderful experiences and sights, monotony and reality of daily life crept back anyhow. 

I also had a nasty case of what I’m calling Pura Vida’s revenge plus a debilitating headache almost all week. That certainly didn’t help when I finally cracked open those to-do lists. 😣

However.. It’s Monday again and I’m determined to make this week better. I’ll try again to have a good balance between all the lists, productivity, and activities that bring me satisfaction. For every run of the dishwasher or washing machine, I’ll gift myself with another chapter of the book I’m reading. No doubt I’ll get some cardio while catching up on The Bachelor. And I might even work on revising and submitting poems if I can find some spare hours floating through the week. 

In short.. Monday means another opportunity to do things right. With that… there’s no time like right now to get going… 

With Peace and Love,

~Miss SugarCookie


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