2023-05-18 Organize to Prioritize

I started this post just now because I have a lot of thoughts. Lots of disorganized-all-over-the-map thoughts. Maybe I’m hoping getting it all down will help to sort through it and pick out my priorities.

I move my daughter home from UNL yesterday and she’s officially a senior in college. Super hard to believe, but there it is. She’s got straight A’s again this semester and I’m such a proud mama. She’s also flexing her ambition this summer with 4 (yes 4) part time jobs. That is if they all pan out. 

To be fair 2 of the 4 are *very* part time, probably not more than 4-8 hours a week each. But the other two are likely 16-30 hours each so that’s a brick-ton of work. We’ll see how it all shakes out in the next couple weeks. 

My son is rocking that 40 hour work week, pulling those big $$$, and thoroughly enjoying his days off with his friends. Not everyone’s path after HS is straight through college. Getting a little life experience is good for him and what he learns now will help him make decisions about his future. I’m proud of him too, for being so responsible with his first job and sticking with it despite the challenges. 

Things with the lit mag are super busy as we wrap our annual contest. I’ve got big deadlines this week which I’m trying  to manage while also promoting our spring issue. I want everyone to have a great experience and that’s tough to do. Especially for someone who hates social media. I’d rather be poking my own eyeballs out.

The net result is that all the other not-eyeball-poking tasks get attention first. 

After the move yesterday, I just need a chill day at home so I rescheduled my weekly visit to CB to this weekend. Those few extra hours today will help me immensely to catch up. Will I EVER feel caught up? Probably not. 

I’ve got two tickets to see Ada Limon tonight at the Holland center and if I go, it looks like I’ll be going solo. I’ve asked a few people who might be interested in her reading but no takers so far. Poetry, I’ve come to learn, is very few people’s jam. 

I’m sure the longer this day drags on, the more my brain will convince me to stay home. I have two of her books. I can just read those. Plus, driving downtown for a 7PM event feels unappealing. 

/see that’s brain doing it’s thing already. 

There’s also tons of stuff to do here at the house. Now that ALL the almost-adults are living here, the laundry room is in constant use, the dishes pile up quicker than they can be done, and people seem to always be coming and going and/or need something. It’s an adventure for sure. Thank goodness there’s enough space for everyone to have their own rooms and there’s only one shared bathroom. 

Still, it’s not how I pictured empty-nesting for sure. I think perhaps this next generation of adults will continue to live at home for as long as they can. How long that will be I truly wonder. 

It’s not like back in my youth when people moved out and figured things out on their own after HS at 18 years old. Back then, the choices were to go to college, get a job and an apartment, or join the military. 

At least they (the kids) are not making lifelong commitments to another person like I did. Not that that was a mistake, because it was what it was, but their options remain open. Options AND opportunities. And that’s a good thing. 


That’s all the time I have today. Not sure if this helped me prioritize at all today, but like getting married at 19, it is what it is. Maybe next time. 😜

Peace and Love, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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