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  • 2017-03-20 It’s All Connected

    I finished writing yesterday’s post at 5:15AM. Which means, I was up at 4 something. Luckily, after it was over, I went back to sleep but the sleep issue is real. The “over-thinking things” issue is real. The “repeating bad patterns of behavior” issue is real. It’s all connected. A few months ago I was […]

  • 2017-03-14 That’s Just Not How it Works

    Not enough sleep again last night. Five and a half hours is not enough to make up for the 2.5 I had the night before. If you put the two together, that’s a descent night’s sleep, but that is not how it works. I was up at 7 again and already working to prep for […]

  • 2017-03-13 A Test of My Resolve

    Yesterday I wrote about giving up Caffeine. I think it was actually the middle of the week last week when I made that decision and had my last sip of sweet french vanilla latte. I did have a couple of days with a slight headache and sort of powered through that. I have not had […]

  • 2017-03-12 Sayonara Caffeine

    I’ll be the first to admit that this past week I’ve pretty much been off the wagon when it comes to most things, especially my eating habits. The last two days, I’ve very much indulged in just about everything I decided I wanted, from ice cream, to cookies, to cupcakes, to candy. You name a […]

  • 2017-03-07 For My Birthday Girl

    Such a long full couple of days. So much I want to say. Too much. I’m walking the treadmill at the gym right now and my mind is racing and my heart is swollen with feelings. I’m trying to walk off the meal I had for dinner because I ate entirely too much. We were […]

  • 2017-03-05 Saint Louis – Day 4, The Trainwreck Cheeseburger.. 2.5

    When I was going through my difficult time last year, the phrase I used to describe it was “trainwrecked”. It worked in lots of different ways. I was “trainwrecked”. I was in “trainwreck” mode or sometimes I was actively in a state of “trainwrecking”. I guess you could say that was trying to make light […]

  • 2017-03-05 Saint Louis – Day 4, Part 1

    It’s really already the 6th but like the rest of the weekend, it’s the day after and I’m just now getting to write about it. My last day in Saint Louis was long and again, full of memorable moments. It was quite overcast and chilly which was very much a contrast from the sunny 71 […]

  • 2017-03-04 Saint Louis – Day 3

    Tennis Anyone? Yesterday the high was 71 and the sun was smiling down on Saint Louis all day. We only lounged for a little bit in the AM so as not to waste any part of the day and shortly after 9:30 we were off. The park we went to was Whitecliff park which is […]