2017-03-03 Saint Louis – Day 2

Today was once again full of feels. Different than the day before, but still satisfying.

I had to work again, but balanced my time out well so that I could enjoy the bright sunshine in the early afternoon when it was at it’s peak. We walked the trail as it was, once again, too cold for tennis.

Late afternoon we ventured to a different part of town to partake in some Mission tacos. I went for the full on experience and had chips, and guac and tacos, and a churro. It was all quite delish. The atmosphere was good and the conversation was also nice. One thing I appreciate about spending time with Josh is that we always seem to have good conversation. And he does not mind when I break into a horrible english accent.

In the evening I got to spend more quality time with his friends and they are quite silly. I dig it. Josh actually left to go visit his friend Najah and so I just played along in whatever happens happens mode. This included watching Ademir play chess with a 9th grader and a fast food run where we all piled into the car to go get both McDonalds and Jack in the Box because the girls couldn’t agree on one place and watching a strange movie that involved time travel.

After all of that I was left to my own devices and felt somewhat inspired and so I decided to write. At the present moment the clock is ticking and we’ve just crossed over midnight and stumbled into tomorrow. Sleep is starting to creep in on me and so I’m going to pack it in. Day 3 promises to be the best weather day yet so I need to rest up so I can squeeze as much as I can out of that.

Miss SugarCookie

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