2017-04-28 Phoenix – Day 7, Going Home

I just boarded the plane that is going to take me home. I’ve been in Phoenix for 7 days and I have no idea what this city looks like or has to offer. It’s really a shame. This traveling for work BS is.. well.. BS.

Last night we had dinner outside at a place nestled between buildings blocking any sort of view. The sun was setting and I could sort of tell the sky was going from blue to pink but I could not really see it. I bet the sunsets are amazing here. A painted sky with silhouettes of jagged mountains scattered across the horizon. But I can’t be sure because I was denied seeing it.

I bet the nightlife is hopping. But I wouldn’t know it.

I bet the people are super interesting. But I did not get to find that out either.

I’m so exhausted that the words on my screen are blurry. I need sleep 😴 like the desert 🌵 needs the rain ☔️.

I’m going to see if I can take this opportunity to close my eyes and relax. The flight is 2+ hours.

I’m coming home,
Miss SugarCookie

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