2017-07-12 PNW Day 2: Headed for the West Coast

Today we will not miss the free breakfast at our hotel, the lovely Holiday Inn Express in Troutdale Oregon. After that, I am not sure if we will linger at all around this area or just head for the coast. I’d like to hang out at least long enough to miss morning traffic as we pass back through Portland. Perhaps there is another tourist-like thing to do around here.

I woke up early of course and have been spending these first few quiet moments alone writing and also posting things to social media. On one hand (and it is a very big hand), I absolutely loathe all things social media. I’ve hated Facebook for years and joined twitter in 2010 so I could be part of the cool kids club. Now I have both Instagram and Snapchat too. They all have their place and serve a specific purpose in my life and I spend as little time as possible to get out of all of it what I want. For this trip, it means posting pictures of the kids and I on vacation. I will admit I selfishly want other people to see what we are up to for various reasons.

I still don’t have a good plan for what is on the agenda today besides driving. Nor do I have a hotel booked for the night. I’m thinking Manzanita as it is one of my favorite coastal towns in Oregon (I’ve been twice before). I’ll check later to see if there is availability. It is Wednesday already and one of my goals this trip was to get down to Northern Cali to show the kids the Redwood Forest so I’m going to need to figure out the timing for that. Perhaps stay a day just west of Portland and travel south on Thursday? I guess we shall see.

Anyway, I might try and crawl back into bed for just a few more minutes before it’s time to wake up the crew.

The Adventure Continues,
~Miss SugarCookie

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