2017-07-17 PNW Day 7: Winding Down

The kids are still sleeping and I had to get up to go put money in the parking meeter. It’s not the most convenient thing to have to do (at 7AM), but since I was awake anyway it’s OK. I’ve slept 8+ hours the last three nights (pharma assisted) but I still don’t feel that rested and while just a short 5 and 6 days ago I was super jazzed and ready to take on the day, today I am just sort of blah about it.

Today we will have to pack up all our stuff and load it in the car. The kids are sick of walking the city (after just one day) so we may take the light rail to go to breakfast and the Space Needle. I am bound and determined to have chowder at Pike’s Place Chowder today before I leave. I can’t visit the PNW AND be in Seattle without getting some really good chowder. Check the next entry for a review on that. 😉

Anyhow, I doubt we will stay in Seattle another night which means driving back to Portland. I’m not excited for the drive but am excited to be in the city of our departure.

More Later,
~Miss SugarCookie

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