2017-07-18 PNW Day 8: Headed Home

I ended up driving back to Portland last night with every intention of just returning the rental car and staying at a hotel near the airport and taking the shuttle when it was time to go. Instead, when we arrived, I thought maybe since our flight does not leave until later in the afternoon, I might try and squeeze in one more sight-seeing “thing” before being done. Checkout is at 11 and our flight does not leave until 4PM so we do have a few hours to do something.

The trouble with that is that NONE of us wants to do anything. We could barely get ourselves to breakfast this morning. When I asked Z what she wanted to do, she just said “Stay at the hotel until we have to go to the airport”. I’m kinda right there with her.

I thought about going to lunch somewhere and then Salt and Straw for ice cream but the thought of finding parking and waiting in lines just makes me cringe a little bit. Add to that that wherever we go, it will not mean a damn thing to the kids because they will not appreciate it. Don’t get me wrong, my children appreciate things but to them, there is no difference between ice cream at Salt and Straw and ice cream from Goodrich back home (or Dairy Queen because they prefer the soft serve).

The only other place I can think to take them is Powell’s City of Books. I’ve been before, when I was in Portland in 2016, and while massive and quite impressive, it really did not seem like the type of place to actually find a book. I mean, you find yourself amidst a mass of people (like everywhere in this city), and trying to narrow in on one book is a challenge. To get to the section you want to go to is kind of fun, winding around corridors and up stairs, but in the end, if you find one you just have to wait in another line for purchase. I think the only reason why we would go is so they can say they went and now that I am thinking about it, is that a reason to do anything?

I’m probably just being negative because I want to go home and see my kitten. I know the kids are missing her too. They are grumpy and getting on each other’s nerves (and mine too) and 8 full days together without a lot of “alone” time for anyone is a long time.

Right now, it’s really just past 9 and breakfast is done and we have about 5 hours before needing to return the rental car. I think I will go google other places or things to do.

~Miss SugarCookie

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