2017-07-18 PNW Day 8 (Part 2): The Traveling Trio

I spent about an hour this AM in the fitness center at the hotel, which pretty much amounted to a room with a treadmill, elliptical machine, a weight machine, and a TV. I let the kids geek out with their iPads in the room while I got my steps in for the day. I opted to do this over trying to do another tourist thing in the city. When I mapped out the route to downtown, every road was covered in red and I am so over the traffic here. The decision to get some exercise via the elliptical was a good one.

We then had lunch at Shari’s Cafe, which I guess is a thing here in the Northwest. It’s a 24 hour diner that is very similar to the Village Inn we have in Nebraska. That was also a good choice and all three of us left feeling very satisfied. It is probably the first time on this trip that everyone liked their meal. Typically we had food that Zoey wanted, because she is the pickiest. This means that Cooper and I were left to just get whatever we might want at that place. It is a good thing we are both pretty easy to please. A few times we had a meal that Cooper wanted, and Z had to suffer through. I don’t know if I ever got first choice. All I really wanted was that Pike’s Place Chowder, but ended up skipping that because I really wanted to get back on the road yesterday.

At this point, we’ve made it all the way through security and are waiting to board a plane to SLC. In the security process none of my bags were flagged but both the kids had their bags double scanned because of the iPads and Z had her suitcase pulled from the line as she had a bottle of sand that had to be tested for explosive residue. Apparently sand very much resembles something nefarious under the scanner.

I know all the rules and I try to follow them. I never check a bag and am used to just pulling everything out and sorting it into half a dozen different bins. I’m exaggerating of course, but since there are three of us traveling, it really is not far off.

Ever since we came through MSP last week and had a caramel apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Z and I have been craving another one. I’ve already googled it and there is one in concourse D of the SLC airport and our flight just happens to be departing from concourse D. 😃

It will be time to board the plane soon so all the rest of the big life revelations I’ve had today will have to wait until later.

Keeping it Real,
~Miss SugarCookie

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