2017-10-29 On the Move Again ✈️

We’ve been up since 5. We flew north to Minnesota. We laid over for 2.5 hours. 

And now we are on a 8 hour flight to Honolulu. I think this is the longest flight I’ve ever been on. Perhaps Dublin to Atlanta in 2010 was longer, but if was, it wasn’t by much. After this we have one more quick hop to Maui before being introduced to our new home away from home. 

So far the traveling has not been that bad. We pulled off the early morning and quick departure quite flawlessly and I was able to spend a good portion of our stay at MSP walking the concourse. 

I left Z and C at the gate watching our travel gear and went exploring. This airport has gone through major renovations since the last time I came through. So much space to plug in and sit, tons of shops and restaurants, and everything looks shiny and new.

I’ve amassed 8.4K steps so far today and managed to do 20 push ups (yeah, I’m that person). I also found the Rocket Mountain Chocolate Factory.. Score! I might be on a mission to improve my eating habits and health but I’m on vacation now so all bets are off. Life is all about balance anyway. 

I had another wave of happiness wash over me as I was bouncing down concourse C. This time last year I was convinced I would never feel this way again. That’s ridiculous of course, but it really was the way I felt. My logical brain knows emotions are temporary, but it does not minimize the pain as it’s happening. 

Likewise, this happiness, too, is fleeting. I have to soak in all that I can and not take anything for granted. I’m so fortunate to be able to go on this adventure. I’m so lucky to have two beautiful children to share it with. I’ve said before that the road to get here has seemed so long, but I finally feel as though I’m getting back to me. The me I know I am at heart and the me I was meant to be. 

I can’t look at the journal entries from last October 29th because we are cruising at 29,000 feet and there’s no free WiFi. It’s probably for the best. That might just interrupt such a nice flow. 


At this point, we’ve had water and snacks and water and lunch and more water. My crystal ball tells me there’s a trip to the bathroom in my near future. That’s always a treat on an airplane. 
After that.. I might try and nap. I’ve never been good at sleeping during flight, but it’s worth another shot.


We napped. We ate. We made it through flight 2 of 3. 
Me.. “Aloha everybody!”
C.. “Aloha. What’s the WiFi password in this airport?”
Z.. “Hakuna Matata. That’s Hawaiian right?”

Not Long Now,
~Miss SugarCookie

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