2017-11-14 A Web of Possibilities

Welcome to some random Tuesday. As usual, I have a whole list of regular activities planned for myself and I’m gonna try really hard to include working on my resume. Last night I started looking at a new job listing site called “Glassdoor”. I think I came across it because I googled for jobs in copywriting. Before I knew it I was down in the details of the site reading about companies and actual reviews and salary info.

It was pretty cool. I was able to put in a keyword, which I selected “writing”, and quickly got a list of relevant jobs near me with that either in the description or probably some tag the employer attached to that job. I started to get excited about all the listings.

Clearly there are lots I’m not qualified for but some are definitely viable possibilities. I even found a few that were part time, which would be ideal for my current needs. However the pay is well below “ideal”. I think that’s just something I’m going to have to get over if I’m truly switching to a different carrer.

A person has to start at or near the bottom. I have lots of writing experience, but zero paid experience as an actual copy writer. But there were more than copywriting jobs that came up which opened my mind a little more to the possibilities.

There were positions for web content managers and “strategists”. Jobs for media managers and technical writers. Some of these would even be a better fit for my current skill set plus most of them pay more than basic copywriting. Sweet!

My current resume is very healthcare centric so I need to tailor that to better fit some of these other jobs. There is one in particular that I’m very intrigued with so that’s motivation for me doing the resume work sooner rather than procrastinating like I have been.

It also makes me curious what other job search sites are out there and what other things I might find with just a little digging. I haven’t gotten a call back from the place I had an interview with a few weeks ago, even after texting my contact there, so I’m thinking that’s gone cold on me.

I also decided yesterday, while I was contemplating life from my beloved elliptical machine, that I should inquire about positions at my gym. I mean, hell, I’m here every freaking day and it’s within walking distance to my house.. Why not??!

As it turns out, they are hiring for a poaition starting in January. I’m sure that doesn’t pay shit either, but something is better than nothing. I also considered part time at Target down the street just to bring something extra in for Christmas. I think working a job like one of those two things would give me a valuable perspective on life.

Preparing to Pound Pavement,

~Miss SugarCookie

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