2017-12-13 Big News Today!

I’ve been unemployed for five and a half months. I’ve rested, rejuvenated, and rediscovered a sense of purpose for myself in this life.

As of today, December 13, I’m back on the payroll!.. Woo-hoooo!!

In the past month I began to get more serious about finding the right job for me. I had narrowed down my requirements and options. I did a little networking and opened my mind to different possibilities.

I passed my resume to a friend who passed it on to a company he does work for. In just a few short weeks, I had a series of conversations with the co-founders and they apparently liked what they saw and heard. Last week they indicated they were interested in hiring me for the role of Technical Writer. How perfect is that??!

If I took a short trip back in the past and revisited those times I wrote about what I was looking for in a company and a job, it would not take long to recognize this opportunity is spot on!

1. Remote work with flexible hours. ✅

2. Not more than 30 hours a week so I still have time for parenting and school. ✅

3. Great company with smart people and good culture (as verified by my friend). ✅

4. A wage that meets my needs. ✅

5. A job that utilizes my current skills AND is more focused on something I’m passionate about.. writing! ✅

What’s the down side? We’ll see. It’s a 4 month contract to start so it’s potentially not permanent. Still, it alleviates my concerns about the immediate future.

I was not sure how I would feel going back to work because I have enjoyed my time off so much. The truth is that I’m quite excited about it. I’m looking forward to working on something new and contributing to a team. I sent the signed contract in this morning and have my first official meeting today. Yes!

Living the Dream,

~Miss SugarCookie

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