2018-02-03 New Music Saturday

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve got new Taylor Swift in my ear. Her music isn’t for everyone of course, but I’m pretty convinced she wrote a few singles on this one just for me. The album “Reputation” is very tri-polar. 1/3 is drama fueled by her constant battle with some of what has transpired because of her fame and other famous people, presumably. 1/3 is love songs written 1st person about her ‘baby’. 1/3 is songs about ended relationships.

Quite honestly the ones they selected for radio play are by far not my favorites. In fact, when “Look what you made me do” first got air, I really disliked it. The thing that turned that one around for me was the routine that Jazzercise put together for it. It’s full of leg, and punching, and kicking. That’s my jam!

I’m a firm believer in listening to an album start to finish in the intended order. I’m positive that someone, somewhere (hopefully the artist) put a lot of thought into the arrangement of the songs. Like the whole album is a story to be told and there might be a rise and climax and conclusion. Each song is a chapter in the story.

Back before dirt was invented, we had records. People listened to A side, start to finish and then maybe A side again or maybe B. Tapes were the same way. I never had records, and I only had a few tapes and I didn’t really “get into” any kind of music until late in high school.

Among the first tapes I had just because People bought me them for a gift were: Madonna, Cindy Lauper, the soundtrack to Footloose, and Michael Jackson.

Among the first tapes I bought for myself were The Bangles, Genesis, REM, and the Violent Femmes. The Femmes were on repeat much of my Sr. Year in HS and was a favorite of several of my friends too but when left to my own devices, I would gravitate back to Phil Collins and Genesis. I liked them so much I spent precious dollars on three or four tapes. (I didn’t work by choice and never had any money).

That was the era of radio, boomboxes, and mixtapes. I used to sit in bed listening for them to play something I wanted to “own” and then hit record when it came on. We were all pirates back then and nobody cared.

I loved my boom box. It played tape, radio, and CD and had a “bass boost” button for the serious jams. I still have it. The CD player doesn’t work but the tape player still does, so if I ever get real nostalgic (which is rare) I could have another listen to all those early favorites. And yes, I still have the tapes too.

I still have the mix tape my first boyfriend made for me before he left for the military. I ended up marrying him. We had 2 kids and eventually divorced after 18 years together. I’m still grateful for him introducing me to new music.

Every person I meet brings their favs with them and that’s typically how I end up liking so many things. I’m still a top 40s girl at heart, but there’s a wide world of wonderful out there and it’s hard to sort through unless you have a guide. I have a special place in my heart for all my guides… including my exes.

I guess Simon and I never really dated after all or I’d have something to remind me of him. 😉 I don’t. Maybe that should be on my list of check boxes as I look for a new person.

Be kind and thoughtful. ✅
Have a sense of humor. ✅
Be healthy and active. ✅
Have your shit together. ✅
Take an interest in what I have to say. ✅
Don’t bring me cut flowers. ✅
Bring some music to the table. ✅

How hard can it be to find that? I’m sure Taylor has something to say about it. I’m inside round 2 on running through this new CD and I can’t detect any story arch. Maybe people don’t care about the order of songs anymore. Maybe it’s all about making .99 or 1.29 on a single track or just streaming things in any order. That’s a shame.

Here’s top pics so far: 1) Getaway Car 2) New Years Day 3) Delicate. They are all love songs.. such a shocker. I’m still not super jazzed about the angry-girl trying to be badass making a statement to people who have wronged her. I think it’s awesome she’s able to capitalize on that nonsense drama. I wish I could capitalize on my own nonsense drama.

Until then, I’ve got laundry and food prep for the next couple of days to do. My life is so exciting. 😜

Heads Up Seven Up,
~Miss SugarCookie

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