2018-02-06 Two Things To Start Tuesday

It’s 6AM on a Tuesday and I’m awake. That’s OK, I have to get my kids up in just a little bit.

First – I’ve got a headache which is rare lately and at this point it seems to only happen about once a month, at the start of my cycle… so it’s not completely unexpected today which is cycle day 3. I’m no longer taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen (if I can help it) for these things. I switched to more natural remedies several moons ago now and I haven’t really looked back. Now, instead of taking a daily dose of Excedrin, which I was doing almost daily for a very long time, I take a curcumin (pronounced kir-que-men) and a caffeine.

Curcumin is an extract of turmeric which is a plant in the ginger family. I got turned on to this from a book I tried to read last year called “A Mind of Your Own”, which talked about the brain/body connection and centered on issues around women’s health and nutrition. The extract is supposed to have anti-anflamitory properties. I don’t really have a way to measure that in my system, but I think the reduction in the number of headaches I have is fairly solid proof that it is having a positive effect.

I take the caffeine to regulate the amount of caffeine in my body. Taking that morning dose is like drinking a few cups of coffee except that I don’t have to drink anything. It’s been especially essential this past month since I haven’t been drinking coffee because of my Whole 30. (btw, today is the last day – so celebrations will soon be in order.)

I think staying well hydrated is also a key factor in the improvement in my headache situation. I try to drink a fair amount of water. I almost always have my water bottle with me and when I see it, I’m reminded to drink. It seems like an easy thing to do, but most people don’t.

There have been a few occasions this past couple months when I’ve had a, now, out-of-the-ordinary, ailment and I can kind of gauge the severity and treat accordingly. I’m not opposed to OTC meds for that reason, but am super happy about eliminating them from my daily regimen.

Second – In other news, yesterday I worked more in one day than I have in the past 6 months. I think I put in 8 hours!! For those of you keeping score at home, that’s freaking amazing. Since I started my new gig, I have been kind of nervous about getting enough hours to make a decent paycheck and I think things are finally starting to ramp up to that sweet spot. Of course it’s all dependent on what is going on with the actual project that I am on, and this week is a big week, but based on what I’m hearing, the future looks bright and full of work. Woo hoo.

I may have also mentioned that I really like my new job, which is the bonus plan. Yesterday amidst the excitement around the first live production data stream being validated and team collaboration about support, I was given a solid virtual “good job” nod from several people. The person I am taking direct assignments from thanked me several times and told me that thing “x” I did was excellent. He introduced me to our client (via email) and laid out some of my credentials and then literally called me a “rockstar”. It felt great reading that.

The other kudos came from the guy that is the head of the company we are subcontracting for to do the project (it’s sort of complicated). We chatted directly on Slack and he also thanked me and expressed how glad he was I was on the team. He went on to say he was looking forward to ‘building amazing things” with me. Wow. Not only that, but he requested that I send some small ‘gift’ ideas so he can file them away for celebratory purposes in the future. Double wow.

Being appreciated never goes out of style. More companies and managers should be taking this to heart. I think that most employees are underappreciated. What people seem to fail to realize or remember is that people who feel like their contributions are valued and that they are making a difference, will work even harder and the productivity will be off-the-hook. It’s so easy to do, but often just gets overlooked in the grand scheme of things. So far, my new company and their business partners are doing it right!! How refreshing!

Well, it’s now 7AM and time to get the kids up.

It’s all Cool,
~Miss SugarCookie

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