2018-03-16 Lifted Curses?

I survived the Ides and to my knowledge so did my loved ones. Time to take a deep breath and exhale a sigh of relief and turn attention to the flip side of the Ides which is St. Patrick’s day. It’s another day my family is very keen on observing even though there’s only a tiny slice of Irish ☘️ in the mix.

Obviously there’s a lot of years that nothing noteworthy has happened in March, but something inside of me feels like the month has still got bad omens swirling around it. I forget that one of the most important days of my life was in March, which was the birth of my daughter. That definitely balances things out for me and perhaps most of the rest of it was inherited from the fam via suggestion and March is no more cursed than any other month.

As far as March 15 is concerned, it will still be the day in history my divorce was final. I suppose that could be viewed as both positive and negative. This year marks the 8th anniversary of that day and what a way to celebrate.. Date #4 with Bachelor #15.

When I arrived we opened a couple bottles of wine, red for me and white for him. He proceeded to show me the back yard and then we sat and talked in what I would call the sunroom. After that he cooked me dinner and I we ate and talked more. It was great.

I didn’t want to miss the movie again so even though it was quite late in the evening, we did that too. The only thing I have to say about “The Shape Of Water”… so strange!

THIS won best picture??! Whatever. I think it was probably just the perfect mix of good acting, a historic context that made for good nostalgia, and unique story. Still, it was not that enjoyable. Almost like I was watching and didn’t have the opportunity to opt out. I’ve never cringed like that at a romance scene in my whole life! (Or the scene where the guy pulls his own decaying fingers off his hand. 🤮)

So I guess I had more than one thing to say about the movie. When it was over we didn’t really talk about it much. It was late and he had to be up early for work. I made it back home before midnight and fell asleep feeling very positive about things. A successful 4th date means my 3rd date curse has also been obliterated (if that was ever really a thing).

I’ve got a fair bit planned for the day today. Work.. lunch with my mom.. Jazzercise with Leah.. and then more work. This weekend we’re cutting a new release of the software so the calendar is littered with tasks that need to get done by Sunday. I hope it’s all done by Saturday so I can enjoy our annual ☘️ party (which is actually on Sunday).

Curses Smurses,

~Miss SugarCookie

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