2018-03-31 Austin Day 3: Perfection

None of my exes live in Texas but now some of my best friends do. Steph moved to Texas about six months ago so now when I visit, we’ll likely be coordinating visits with her too. Still, Texas is big and they live south of Houston so in order to do that, some extra flying or driving by someone will be required. For this trip, they drove to Austin and we all converged in the house here.

Last night we went to a familiar winery which is connected to an Italian restaurant. It was a perfect night.

A perfect car ride out to the vineyard, complete with stops on the way to buy water bottles and mega-bucks lottery tickets. I don’t buy lottery tickets, but apparently the jackpot is like 300 million or something. They proposed that if any one of us wins we would spit the money 5 ways (me being the ever-present 5th wheel). I didn’t buy any tickets but they said I would get a cut anyway, just for being here.

I said I didn’t need 1/5th. I’d be happy if someone just paid for my masters degree. And perhaps my kids’ colllege.

I wouldn’t expect anything really, but having that immediate burden lifted would erase all remaining doubts that I was meant for this new path I’ve chosen.

The evening continued to be perfect as we rolled up to the counter in the wine tasting room. A flight of 6 wines with Steph and I swapping out one of the regular reds for a semi-sweet. I’m not a wine connoisseur and I know what I like and if there’s one rule in life, it’s that you should have what you like.

During the tasting, I caught Steph up on the scoop with JS and happily skipped all the chronological “dating” BS leading up to when we met. He’s already passed the initial scrutiny by Rebecca and her husband. That’s a good sign. Though they did say that with my lack of dating experience, my dating age is about 23 and I probably still have a lot to learn. They are probably right.

The perfection persisted as we got one final glass and headed outside to talk and wait for our table at the restaurant to be ready. We landed at a picnic table that just happened to have one of those giant Jenga set on it. Game on!

We played for a bit and the the epic game of the century happened between Rebecca and Steph. Each move more impossible than the last. By the end of it, we were all standing a safe distance away from the table and high-fiveing each other after each successful placement.

There was a photographer there taking pictures so you can look for us in next month <insert tourist magazine name here>. 😜

By the time our table was called I was quite buzzed and having the best time. Our dinner was, of course, also perfect. I don’t even have a favorite “place” let alone a favorite “entre” in my own city, but I have one here! Pork chops, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts. If only I had a Trattoria Lisina back home.

Unlike the old days, we were home by 10:30 to relieve the babysitter and I was probably in bed asleep by 11pm. It’s more than fine by me.. it’s Perfect.

Today is “party” day. An elaborate but casual event has been planned and shortly we’ll be going out to do some last minute shopping for that.

Cheers to Friends and Perfect Vacation days!

~Miss SugarCookie

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