2018-04-02 Back to Reality

Back home. Back to work. Getting the kids today and it will be back to our normal routine for the week. I did sacrifice some things last week (time) in order to enjoy my QT out of town and my homecoming so I’m hitting today feeling a little pressure to catch up.

First, however, is finding my center of gravity by getting back to my own personal routine. As they say.. secure your own oxygen mask first before assisting the kids. This means I’m back at my gym this morning trying to get some steps. It’s still going to be a short set as I had to do a few necessary/timely work things and I have an appointment soon to have my stitches out.

I’m still taking the antibiotics and realizing now the internal swelling/scarring of the wound may take a while to heal. There’s still an obvious lump inside my lip, and as I understand it, it may not completely disappear for another month or so. At least I can eat and drink out of a straw again. It’s interesting how quickly one adapts to chewing on one side of their mouth.

The stupid part of all of it is that I truly thought I was being smart by going in last Monday before my trip. That I could wash my hands of it all and be in the clear to enjoy all the delicious things Austin has to offer. Instead, I struggled all weekend to do that. When we had our sushi lunch on Thursday I could hardly open my mouth enough to eat a roll. For crying out loud!! 😭

It is true that I did alleviate some anxiety with a positive confirmation of what it was however that was replaced with anxiety that I had some infection and that it was going to quickly spread and I was going to be hospitalized in a different city. Perhaps I should look into getting insurance because something like that would wipe me out completely.

I’ve been looking at my current situation from the perspective of a really healthy person and it’s hard to justify the cost. If I think instead about the fact that life is full of surprises, and that bad shit happens, perhaps I’d have already pulled the trigger on insurance.

I really have been meaning to look into it, but wanted to get my work hours and income stable before adding anothe expense. That’s probably also stupid, because life doesn’t wait for the opportune moment to hit you with something.

Anyway.. maybe I’ll do my taxes and use my refund to fund that effort. (That’s right, I still need to file taxes). Self proclaimed master procrastinator! 😜

Time to head to the dentist.

Peace (and stitches) Out,

~Miss SugarCookie

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