2018-05-04 I Won’t Mention It

It’s that day again.. but when I said something in the car this morning dropping the kids off at school, my daughter gives me that 👀 look.. kind of like tiny daggers with a slight eye roll at the end. “Mom, that joke is so tired”.

Me.. “Maybe it needs a nap.” 😜

Still, nerds of the world unite!! I told her I’m calling dibs on “Solo”, which means I’m requesting they go see the new Star Wars movie coming out May 25th with me. The alternative is their dad taking them as he’s also a Fanboy. We grew up on that franchise. Truth is, I won’t really have my say in the outcome because the 25th lands on his weekend and he will no doubt get tix for them to see it then. If he doesn’t, I’ll be super surprised. If he doesn’t.. I’ll be all over it the following week. I’m sure JS would go with me but if I had the chance.. I’d want to share the experience with my peeps.

We’ll see how that shakes out.

What now? Oh yeah, the resolution of my big cliffhanger.. my own personal Saga, the blood donation situation. Yesterday was a complete success (finally)!! My hemoglobin was 14+ which is well above the threshold. Maybe it just takes amping to the iron more than two weeks in advance. 🤷‍♀️ I dunno and it doesn’t matter, I’m backing away from the iron supplements. I need my body to get back to baseline. I may feel different in a few months, but I think I may call it quits on this endeavor for an extended period of time. We’ll see on that too.

As it is now, I’m rolling into this weekend feeling great and ready for whatever. It’s going to be an absolutely beautiful day today and the kids and I are going to do a cookout followed by some s’mores by the fire. Who knows, I may even get some soccer or trampolining time I’m too. As predicted, I have no desire to work.

If I do a little math, I would need to put in 6 hours today and tomorrow to hit my new target of 30 hours. But.. but.. my lawn needs mowed again already and the veg garden beds need prepped and I wanna go for a walk at Walnut and get some sun. Who has time for work when all that awesomeness is available? 😜

Talking with my sister last night I was urging her to start putting money in her retirement account. Then I was daydreaming about not working at all and counting the years. It’s a long way to go to get to 59.5. She said “why 59 and a half”, retirement age is way after that.” She clarified.. Social Security.

I gave her a serious side eye. “Oh honey, by the time you get to retirement, there will be no social security left”. (She’s 29). If that’s her life plan, it’s got a major flaw. The government is in a state of flux and the financial situation in our beautiful country is headed down a slippery slope toward an unknown bottom. Who knows what’s down there. I don’t want to know and I don’t want to care. It’s every human for themselves and I intend to just stay right where I’m at.

That, however, will require me to put those hours in and start saving again. See, my interests are directly in conflict with each other. It’s balancing now with later. Tough for a girl who is all about instant gratification. I guess we will see on that too. Time will tell on all of it and I’m sure things will all be fine because the Force is with me.

May the Force be with you too (couldn’t resist!),

~Miss SugarCookie

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