2018-07-27 Harvest in July

Yesterday I helped one of my sisters move out of her house and into an apartment. Three hours of hauling overfilled boxes and trash bags and furniture into and out of a I haul and up a flight of stairs. Aside from our mom being there with one carload of stuff that was at her house, it was just her and I. It was a total girl power day. Today, I’m experiencing what girl power does to the muscles. It was quite a workout and I’m feeling it.

I slept awesome last night (almost 8 hours) and have finally made it to the gym. I’ve got a full set of stuff I want to get done today and most of it is either Work or school related. I just need to get enough done to earn date night with my sweetie tonight. Yay for date night!

Yesterday when I saw my mom she handed me a plastic bag and inside were tomato’s, of which she already has enough to give away and it’s not even August yet. Those plants are going to keep producing through to frost, so like three more months. That equates to lots and lots of tomato’s. I should have taken the bag and just said “thank you”, but but I took the bag and “oh no” came out instead. I felt bad.

The fact is, the garden on the side of my house has turned into a jungle and when I came home Sunday I checked and I now have no less that a dozen tomato’s (good size ones), half dozen cucumbers well on their way and at least one sugar baby watermelon ready to go. The tomato’s that are in tall cages are now over 6 feet tall and those that came up from seeds dropped last fall are crawling across the ground and stretching up to 3 feet to get some sun.

The watermelon that came up on it’s own is now tangled in through the tomatos and it’s so dense I can’t even pick through it all. What on Earth am I going to do with all that produce. I wonder if a local food pantry will take some.

Oh sure, I will make pico and salsa and preserve some for the winter, but I know I’m going to end up with too much. I already have too much to eat. I really love to eat tomatos right off the vine, and an already having about one a day. I’ve also plucked some for tomato cucumber salad, but one plump tomato and 7 inch cucumber makes enough for me for two days. At this rate, I may be all tomatoed out by the end of August.

And the watermelon? I don’t even like watermelon. It’s mostly for Z and just the fun of planting it and watching it grow. Ayayaya!

I look at the garden and my first instinct is, like with my mom, to say “oh no”. But I recognize that I’m very fortunate to have this garden and get to enjoy fresh produce daily for the rest of the summer and into the fall so I’m just going to say “thank you” instead. 😊

☀️ 🍅 🥒 🍉 💯 ❤️

~Miss SugarCookie

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