2018-08-23 Week Three with the Hormone Boost

Namely testosterone. Do I feel the advertised effects of more energy and focus? No. However I do wake up with a tiny headache each day. Wtf? The last couple weeks I basically chalked that up to starting my monthly cycle which I still get headaches during, but that’s long gone now and still these tiny tendrils persist.

As soon as I take my morning “meds” and get started with my day it goes away. Still it’s a strange phenomenon. Perhaps if it continues I’ll try a few experiments to see if I can pinpoint the source or somehow positively confirm it’s the testosterone.

The pain in my but where they inserted the pellets is mostly gone. I can still feel a tiny bump where they are and sometimes if a sit a certain way it gives me a little twinge of pain. Jim and I joke that it’s where my testicals are and if I sit wrong I say “ow, that’s pinching my balls”. 😂 TMI?… too bad.

So far it doesn’t seem like this hormone boost is doing anything for me. I go back in about 3 weeks so they can run labs and check my levels. I’ll be interested what that will return. Perhaps my body is immune to testosterone the way it’s unaffected by THC.

Maybe that’s my superpower.. resistance to certain drugs. Quick.. somebody inject me with truth serum and see if I talk! But seriously, if I don’t get any benefit out of this little, not-so-cheap, experiment, that will be quite a bummer. I really would like to find a solution for my typical afternoon tired mood. The only other solution has been naps, which isn’t so bad, but most days I don’t have time for that.

Yesterday I had to take one. Necessity. I’m literally looking at my computer screen unable to think about the task at hand. That’s rotten. I also still haven’t been able to completely kick the caffeine habit. I don’t want to go in the wrong direction so I’m trying to limit my intake. I wake from naps feeling refreshed and more focused so it sort of does the same thing.

In other news I mowed my front yard yesterday, just the front. Yeah, it was a good thing I did too because it was already too long for the mower to go over nice and easy. I didn’t do the back yet and this morning I went out to harvest tomatoes and noticed it was super long. I’d get to it today but I think it’s gonna rain. Serious bummer (not really).

Tonight I have my b’day dinner with my Mom and sisters. Should be a good time. I just have to get through a full work day of stuff and several meetings. I’m doing super exciting things like prepping the sausage grinder for the sausage making and developing

Database schema for the next big thing. Hopefully I’ll have time today to focus on my writing too. A girl can dream.

If only that nut would kick in! 😜

Ok that seems like a good place to cut and run. Let’s do this Thursday thing right!!

Float Like a Butterfly,

~Miss SugarCookie

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