2018-08-25 Party Time

So it has begun. I’ve almost completely let go of any obligation or responsibility in my life in order to allow myself to enjoy this momentous occasion. In my whole life I’ve never put so much significance on my birthday, but damnit, it’s about time.

I feel the need to write a list coming on. It needs to happen. It’s happening… Here are the prescribed significant birthdays in my life so far:

1. 21 Living in Las Vegas, my husband stationed at Nellis AFB, he planned a surprise party with everyone from his squadron since we were stranded in the desert 🌵 without friends or family. I partied hard with those strangers in our 1 bedroom apartment. I drank so much tequila that the smell of it makes me want to hurl.. still. Incidentally I remember waking up the next day with what I thought was a killer hangover. It was gone by the start of our bowling league at noon. Oh the magical recovery of youth. If I did that today, I’d be down for two days. Eeeeeek!

2. 25 Living in Omaha Nebraska. I’m skipping 25 cuz I don’t remember 25. Insignificant, just like my life.

3. 30 Living in LaVista, Nebraska with my husband and baby girl Z. That morning I woke up and peed on a stick which revealed that baby C was on the way. One of the best days of my life, and where was my husband? Dunno. He still felt the sting of my not doing anything for his 30th birthday. Our recollection of those events is very different but such is life. I wasn’t expecting anything and got exactly what I wanted. The best bday gift ever. My baby boy (of course we would not find out the sex for 16 more weeks). I didn’t care about turning 30. Some people don’t take it well but I just shrugged.

4. 35 Living in LaVista, Nebraska with my husband and two small kids. We didn’t really celebrate that either and again I didn’t care. My marriage was shit and I was exhausted with life.

5. 40 Living in LaVista, Nebraska with my two children. The divorce happened between 35 and 40 and by 40 I’d been dating Matt for about 2 years. I planned my own celebration which consisted of a road trip to Denver, a concert at Red Rocks, and the one and only time I’ll ever “do” a fourteener. Matt and I were hosted by HL (how ironic), and that rat bastard (HL) was the one who led us astray on Greys/Torries (it was a double peak). It was a satisfying trip despite that. Still, I didn’t care I was 40, we really didn’t celebrate that. The age thing never bothered me. I figure as long as I still get carded and people still continue to tell me how young I look I’ll be good. 😉

This brings me to 45, Living in Papillion Nebraska with my two teenagers. Life seems to be getting better and better for me all the time and I’m just sitting back and letting it. My kids and I started celebrating last night by going out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Then I went to visit Josh and dropped off some tomatoes and home made pico de gallo. We chatted for a bit and then I went home to play games with the kids.

Today is more of the same with a bonus of getting to see my sweetie for a quick visit with his parents who have relatives in town Jim wants me to meet. Actually it was Jim’s dad who told Jim to bring me. I guess I’ve made a positive impression. 😉

It’s going to be hot and sunny today and one of the last weekends the pool will be open so the kids and I are going to hit that in the afternoon. Then it’s back to the house to continue celebrating by having dinner WITH dessert. I’m planning another game night but this time it will be board games instead of video games like last night. Hopefully I’ll be able to retrieve Seven Wonders from my ex. If not, it will be Truro of the Seas, maybe Settlers, or the Panda game or Machi Koro. I’ve never opened Beeees. Maybe we’ll bust that out.

That will lead right to tomorrow which is the actual day. I plan to relax and take it easy and read and write and then allow myself to be swept off my feet for dinner… destination unknown. My spidey sense is still up and I think something BIG is coming my way. Probably because that’s the way Jim rolls. It’s go big or go home.

So that’s it. That’s how this thing is gonna go down. I’m not working on Work or school and I absolve myself in advance for any missed deadlines or pounds gained. I’m going to be 45 and I’m in the drivers seat now. Yeah, that’s how I’M gonna roll. Cheers to the next 45! 🎉 🎈 ❤️

Time to Bounce,

~Miss SugarCookie

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