2018-09-09 Any Given Sunday

Today is just as good as any other. Things stay the same and things change. Keep an eye out for life passing you by and don’t blink too much or you’ll wake one day and recognize it’s all just slipped away. Poof.. like that.

I’m trying to follow my own advice. I’ve certainly struggled with walking around for a big part of my life in a haze. Apathy crept in on me so slowly I didn’t recognize it. Stress stole my sleep, an unforgiving thief in the night. When I woke from that haze, I’d lost years. I vowed to never let that happen again.

This blog helps me keep that one eye trained on the prize – a happier, healthier life and it has been a great success. It’s also been a good reality check of what’s required. They might sing about it, but “Love is all you need” is a lie. Love is important but without sleep and exercise and security and internal and external satisfaction, Love will not get you very far. I’ve learned the hard way.

Living my best life includes this weekly pulse check. If I started to stray, in any way, for any length of time, I would recognize it. I’ll be active and take action. If the sleep slips away, I’ll see it. If I’m not getting my exercise, I’ll know. I’ll have evidence to analyze and I’ll hopefully be able to course correct.

On that note, here’s this week’s status update:

Sleep.. 6 hours and 45 minutes average sleep per night. That’s better than last week but Not quite hitting my goal of 7 hours. I go to bed early so it’s a matter of trying to sleep longer in the AM and of course being consistent.

Exercise.. 14K steps per day which is also approaching my goal of 15. Since stopping Jazzercise in June, my steps have suffered and so has my arm strength. I need to add some things back in to make up for that. I’ve started yoga at the gym on Sunday morning, but need to do more than just that.

Healthy eating.. always a struggle and this week was no exception. I’ve just got too much junk food in the house and I gravitate towards that rather than choosing something healthy. This next week I will be on vacation so imma let that go for now. I’ve been drinking a little more than usual, and when I get back I might look at making the rest of the month more restrictive. We’ll see.

Work.. 23 hours which is not enough to pay the bills. I just finished counting hours and recording on my time sheet and it appears taking a two day road trip took a toll. This is seriously going to make September tough. The vacation this week means I’ll miss more hours and fall farther behind – and on the heels of that, the next school packet is due. Yikes!!

School.. I had a great conversation with my mentor yesterday, but had been holding off for that (and the typical procrastination) before starting my next round. Not awesome.

This leads right to the thing that has been my main focus for a few weeks now. My relationship status, which I am happy to report has changed again. I had suspected big things were on the horizon as I was approaching my birthday and I was spot on.

I wrote about the lovely evening Jim and I had that night, but left out one giant detail – the proposal!! 💍😃❤️ That’s right.. my status is now engaged and I could not be happier. It’s been a whirlwind 6th month love affair so far and like I said, things change. This is a change for the better! I’m now all in and don’t want to miss a minute of life. Love may not be all you need but it certainly helps a bunch!!! I’ll probably write about the whole thing in detail sometime soon, but today is not that day. Today is just another random Sunday and I have packing for vacation to do. Next stop – Cancun!

Cheers to Life,
~Miss SugarCookie

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