2018-11-10 Hopscotch Thoughts

I submitted my 3rd packet of the semester which is part of the requirements for my program about 2 weeks ago. I just received a response back a few days ago and have not opened it yet because I was overloaded with work stuff. I’m planning to spend some quality time with that today. I’m hoping it will inspire me to get back in the game, since my head has not really been in it this semester.

What is really like to do is forget work for about a week and only focus on school, but that’s not likely given the current state of affairs. What I’d really like to do is forget about everything if only for the weekend. I got a good start on that last night as I broke my November diet challenge by drinking a half a bottle of wine. Whoops 😜.

I’ve been doing great (well ok, not great) with the rest of my restrictions. I did also sort of mow down a bunch of peanut butter filled pretzels but that’s not THAT bad. I’m too hard on myself. I’ve had to don some of my professional work clothes this week which are ancient and haven’t been worn for a long time, and those still fit so that’s good.

I would have been heartbroken if my ass didn’t fit in those clothes anymore. Jim said “we’ll just go buy new”, which is one solution, but doesn’t alieviate the psychological factor. My “interview” suit is actually only a couple years old and I’ve worn that a few times in the last couple of years. It’s mostly for interviews and funerals. That’s really kind of the same thing right. If I’m going to an interview it’s kind of like somebody died. Yuk. The Universe is on my side now and I’ll never have to do another interview again. Never say never, but my confidence in this fact is high.

The contract I just started this week will be my last. I’m going to totally kick ass with that and then drop the mic. I told my boss that a few months ago (minus the kick ass/mic drop comment) and his reaction was like “aww really?” Then he proceeded to suggest that they would love to have me stay on if just for a small number of hours. I just said “we’ll see”. Since then it has not come up again.

Wow.. how did I end up talking about work again??! Cheeses. 🧀

Speaking of cheeses.. tonight I’m going on a double date to twisted cork and Jim tells me the Twisted burger 🍔 is the best burger he has ever had. It’s highly likely my next blog post will be a review of that. The kicker in this case is that the Twisted burger doesn’t have cheese. Now I find that sacrilegious, but am willing to try the burger as the chef intended it to be. I believe that every burger is better with cheese.

Though some people think everything is better with bacon and I disagree with that. I love bacon but I actually don’t like bacon on my cheeseburgers. If that’s how it’s made, like a bacon cheddar burger, then so be it, otherwise I never add it.

As far as this blog is concerned, I’ve been struggling lately to find things to write about that don’t involve me sounding like a broken record for the 100th time. For a while that was ok, but I’m starting to bore even myself. No bueno. I haven’t written a review in a while so that’s something different. I won’t be able to report my stats on Sunday because my FitBit ran out of charge a couple days ago and I have not been home for the better part of a week to retrieve it. We’re going there together today to do a few things and I’ll pick it up then, but that will not recover any days lost. We just finished our Saturday morning workout and I commented to Jim on how I hate to get steps and not get credit for it. What a stats nerd!

OK, so my thoughts have been all over the map this morning. From school to work to eating to cheeseburgers to blog posts to stats. What’s a girl to do??! No time like the present to stop this game of thought hopscotch and start actually doing something I guess.

Peace Out,
~Miss SugarCookie

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