2018-12-28 Tennis Anyone?

Not me.. not for a while anyway. Not only is it dreadful outside – and will be for too many more months, but my aging body has decided to throw me a nasty curve ball. Tennis elbow. 🎾

I’m actually not sure when it started or what thing I did that would have caused it. I have suspicion it was a fool thing I did a while back, working out in my basement, but I didn’t feel it right away. Instead, I had slight discomfort in my arm for several weeks which was not so bad that I could not just ignore it. That is, until I could not ignore it anymore.

Two weeks ago I remarked to Jim that it was getting worse and not better and that’s when I had explained my symptoms and pain and got a first diagnosis. The prescribed course of action was to treat with a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory, which I did for a week. I seriously loaded myself up with ibuprofen and after a few days it felt as though it was getting better, and then it got worse instead.

It became so troublesome that it started interrupting my sleep and now I have pain doing even the smallest tasks. I quit taking ibuprofen because it wasn’t helping and I was worried what that heavy a dose was doing for me. Now I’m doing the “ice and rest” thing. I’m not sure that’s helping either.

The truth is, it’s tough to “rest” it when you use your arm for so much. I have pain in the classic “tennis elbow” location and now at times it radiates into my forearm. When I lift even the smallest thing or twist my arm to open a door I get a throbing pain that shoots through my arm. No bueno.

Now I am acutely aware of everything that I’m doing and every time my arm is engaged. It’s a lot! The worst part is that I have no idea what I can do to make it better. Jim consulted with a few folks and I’ve done some research and what I am doing now, plus some specific physical therapy exercises is about all I can do. If it persists and does not start to improve, I can go see a doc and get some steroid shot or something but I don’t wanna. I really, really don’t want another f*ing doctor bill. What a pain.. literally.

According to the internet it can take weeks or months to heal, perhaps even a year. The thought of that makes me feel even worse. 🙄 All I can say is that it better be better by the time tennis season rolls around again. 🎾

Looking out the window today and seeing the snow I know it’s going to be a while. Still it’s tough to sit still.


~Miss SugarCookie

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