2020-04-07 Feels Like Summer (According to My Kids)

My time is short today. I’ve already squandered most of my walking/writing time doing chores and talking to my daughter who has been UP ALL NIGHT! 😱

She’s sporting her full teenager attitude this morning, half sweet talking me so I’ll make her breakfast and half “talk to the hand” when I press her on her grades. For her, the pandemic is just an excuse to ignore blemishes on her grade-book and, you guessed it, stay up all night.

I’m a softy so I made her breakfast anyway. Just because the world is in chaos, she’s still tip-toes on the edge of leaving home for college and I know these kind of days of our life are numbered. We have our differences, but she’s still just the best, you know.

My son told me last night as I was hugging him goodnight that I should not try and wake him up until 10:30 this morning because that’s what his alarm is set for. Yeah, he’s on the “summer already” train too.

His math this week is all about triangles and if you have one side that you know the length of, and the angles are like 90, 60, and 30, what are the lengths of the other two sides. I’m like 🤷‍♀️ .. and asking if he’s watched the you-tube video on it that is posted on the teachers blog. I think I had geometry in like the 9th grade. I did my time. Haha!

I wonder what kind of plan the school system has for grading the kids for the remainder of the term. Or even justifying giving them grades. Both my kids have a few unsightly letters attached to their gradebook right now and I’m not very hopeful that this can be corrected. Especially if the burden of motivating them falls on yours truly. I suck at home-schooling. I suck at getting my kids out of bed in the morning.

It’s an uphill battle. /sigh

BUT.. they are happy and healthy and kind people and that counts for a lot in this life. You know??!!

Probably when I’m done here (momentarily), I should go see if my daughter is still awake and talk to her again. I hate the way our last conversation ended.

Today is going to be another full day. It’s not yet 8:30am and my hopes of getting outside to enjoy the nice weather are already slipping away. I’ve got lots of other things i would like to think about and write about but it’s all going to have to wait until this evening.

Until Next Time,
~Miss SugarCookie

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