2022-01-04 On Tuesday’s I Take Out the Trash

I’d love to say I do it for alliteration’s sake because something deep in me is enchanted by the sounds of words that just fit together in my mouth in a pleasing and natural way. But I take out the trash on Tuesday because Wednesday is the day the Man comes to haul it away. 

Today’s trash includes this list of rubbish in no noteworthy order. Take it or leave it, please and thank you…

  1. I returned home after being gone two scrappy days to a kitchen fully loaded with dirty dishes conspiring to put a pin in my already delicate latex exterior. The dishwasher is extremely temperamental and refuses to start. The drain is clogged somewhere deep in the bowels of the castle. It’s a poem I wrote two years ago, not because I’m clairvoyant but because it’s an all too often and poorly timed recurring reality. Expert testimony from the plumber is currently pending.
  2. Tangentially related are the recyclable materials piling up in every bin and corner, nook and cranny they can go. Mr. Big Green bin is full past the brim and I literally got out a step ladder to climb inside and tamp down with my own bodyweight to try and make more space. Maybe it’s the Universe’s way of telling me it’s ok if I gained ten pounds last year. Gravity doing the rest to help me out. Recycling–the noun and the verb–weigh on my soul people. How else can I do good in the world? The irony of all this is not lost on me.
  3. It’s 2 fucking 23 in the afternoon and I have crossed zero off my to-do list for today. I think. I actually lost my paper planner which doesn’t have a “Tile” attached to it like my wallet so I can’t ask my phone to find it.
    • Something the accountant needs me to sign.
    • Checking in for my GYN appointment on Friday.
    • Updating my spreadsheet of submissions with the matching band of declines stomping around my inbox this past week.
    • The GLR list that is growing daily and never shrinks. Plus the other dozen things I’m forgetting because I lost my planner.
  4. About those declines. What a losing streak. Ouch! My only goal set for 2022 is already in jeopardy unless I get an entire day to work on it AND somehow miraculously edit something or write something new that’s mid-tier worthy. An impossible proposition at this point.
  5. The rest of my goals and aspirations have been placed squarely on the back burner while I sort out #3. As if!!

That’s enough. Enough rotten trash for one Tuesday. 

Tomorrow is Wednesday and since there are no chores that begin with ‘W’, I’m declaring it a chore-free day. As if! 

And just like that, I have to get back to not doing all the things on my to-do list in order to take care of whatever else the Universe has dreamed up for me next (more dishes, probably).

Ciao for now,

~Miss SugarCookie

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