2022-01-28 Giving Birth is Hard Work, Especially When You’re Distracted

I’m pushing hard to get that next “baby” of an issue for my lit mag out into the wide world. This one has a big head. It’s what’s on my mind and I keep getting distracted by the rest of life. 

My husband is off work today which started at 6:30 am with a work issue that had to be dealt with. So much for snuggling-in on the first day of our weekend. 🤷‍♀️

My uncle’s passing has prompted my brother to make an appearance this week. I’ll admit I suck at dealing with procedural things pertaining to death and my brother actually brought a list. You go bro!

As a consequence of his return, my family is scrambling to plan social gatherings. I threw the first wrench by telling them I won’t meet anywhere in public because Covid so restaurants are out. My sister agrees with me on that so it makes it easier to sway the group.

I threw the second wrench by saying Friday night is also out. I have plans I’ve had for over a month and I’m not backing out now. This leaves Saturday and part of Sunday for two events, one with our mom and one with our dad. Fun times. 

I’ve also got a personal deadline I set for myself on submitting a set of poems to Ecotone and I really need to spend QT with one draft that’s not ready yet. A form I’ve not taken to before and it’s a challenge. I do love a good challenge though so really want to get this winter issue of The Good Life Review pushed out. 

Which brings me full circle back to where I started. I do most of the heavy lifting with regards to communications, contracts, web page creation, and pre-release promotions. Our design editor does the next most, and then my co-EIC brings up the rear with his hand in copy editing and final review. 

To be fair, the most time consuming part of the gig probably goes to all our editors that read and decide on the pieces. I could not, not, not do it without them. Well, I could, but I would probably die doing it. 

Anyway, these last few weeks have been the biggest push and my goal is to get it done-done and out before I go on vacation with my darling husband. Did I mention our anniversary is this week? We’re celebrating by committing to 35+ hours in the car together. And to get somewhere that’s going to be just barely warmer than here. Good gravy! 🙄

What’s left for the aforementioned issue to be ready? 

  1. a copy edited draft of our last fiction story. It’s a story I love but still has some technical issues around the gardening details. Details that a non-gardener would not notice but as an avid gardener, I have issues with.
  2. A letter from the editor. Waiting for input from my co. 
  3. The downloadable pdf version from our design editor (who is also waiting for #1 and 2). 

I also kind of ran out of time with promo for authors on the last issue so I’m scrambling to catch up on that before this next one hits too. No rest for the Wicked I guess. 

So that’s where things stand today, Friday. The last Friday of the month. Onward and upward, as they say. 

Cheers to the weekend,

~Miss SugarCookie

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