2022-08-13 Denver Road Trip Day 3: This could really be a good good life…

Day 3 of our little road trip adventure and it was definitely a busy one. 

“We” started the day by hitting the free breakfast at the hotel which was terrible. So bad that we had to get donuts elsewhere before moving along to the next thing.

I say “we” in quotes because yours truly hasn’t been able to sleep in since about 2002 and being at a hotel makes it way worse. So I’m up at 6, getting gym time before Z ever wakes up.

Anyway, after donuts we returned all the impulse purchases that didn’t work out to Target. Yes, this includes the half-shirt that just didn’t look right on either of us. It also includes shoes and a bag that did not work out for Z for her concert outfit. We did get replacement shoes, of course, and she used a clutch I just happened to have in the car. 

But way before the concert, there was riding horses at a local ranch, dying our hair, and eating pizza in the hotel room because it takes a lot longer to dye hair and get ready for a concert than I anticipated. 

Of all of this, though, the concert was the highlight. I’ve been wanting to see Ryan and his OneRepublic crew again since the last time at Red Rocks amphitheater in 2013. And there’s no one I’d rather have experienced it with than my darling daughter. #truth

This was a much bigger venue and we had pretty good seats. Paid a mint for parking but it was totally worth it. The music was sublime—better than we could have imagined. Plus, we were like the best dressed cuties there! Wish I would have bugged a stranger to take our pic. As it is, we only got selfies so no snaps of the outfits.

I get so emotional listening to all the songs that have traveled life with me for the past 20 years. More than anything, the difficult road I was on deciding to and ultimately getting divorced. When “To late to apologize” came on, I just about lost it. 

And not regretting any of it, is the best part. But I digress. 

Z can’t know any of that because she was just a baby, you know, but seeing her next to me.. and what an amazing person she’s turned out to be is validation. She’s got her whole life ahead of her. All the laughter and heartbreak and I can’t wait to be there for her (as much as a mom can) in good times and bad. 

Yes, despite how moody she can be and also how long it takes her to get ready. 😜

Today we’re checking out and moving on. We’re going somewhat off the script today. Our day is mostly organized but after about 5pm we don’t have a plan. It’s a “wait and see how we feel” attitude. Hopefully we’ll find a place to sleep tonight. Ha! 

That’s it for now though. 

Cheers to living that “Good Good Life,”

~Miss SugarCookie

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