2022-08-15 Denver Road Trip Wrap Up

The road home always seems longer. It’s boring, exhausting, and there’s a big let down after all the fun things planned have come and gone.

But for posterity, here’s one last hurrah to wrap this latest road trip with ribbons and bows…

Wednesday we left around 3:30 in the afternoon and chased the sun all the way across the cornfields of Nebraska to the edge of the horizon. Which also happens to be called Ogalalla. It was truly pretty uneventful and when we arrived we walked to stretch our legs and hunt for a bite to eat. So uneventful that the only pic I took was the horizon after sunset. That’s flat Nebraska.

Thursday we got up, had breakfast, and got back on the road by 9:30. Z wanted to make it to Denver by mid-day to meet her friend. That worked out nicely but left me stranded and in a funk. After a few hours I snapped out of it and walked about half a mile to the super target… passing the much celebrated Circle K on the way.

The walking and retail therapy kicked my brain into a better gear and I was able to find everything I needed for our trail ride on Friday. Z finished her meet up and picked me up and we went for tacos for dinner at a local place, three margaritas.

I only had 1.5 margs and it’s a good thing because they gave me quite a headache. I suffered most of the night and next morning with that but powered through as we had a super busy day planned. 

First the horse ride, which was 2 of 5 stars in both our books. The horses, Charlie and Gypsy, were fine, but it was slow and our wrangler treated the group like we were all about 8 years old. Plus the trail itself was kind of crappy. Still, we looked cute. 😉

After that we returned to the hotel to dye our hair and get ready for our meet up with OneRepublic. The concert was the bomb and we rocked our freshly colored hair and cute outfits.

The next day we had to pack up and check out of the hotel. We had brunch with my sister, drove to lookout mountain, and then headed back downtown for Meow Wolf.

The pics just don’t do the crazy justice, but they also don’t quite explain why we were both disappointed either. I guess it just wasn’t as interactive as we’d hoped and there were way too many people there. Every room was packed and you couldn’t really “do” anything. They need to let less people in at once.

After that we were both tired and kinda grumpy and just wanted to get out of town. She wanted food and I was sure there would be options at the edge of town but it was slim pickings and nothing we wanted. We ended up driving all the way to Fort Morgan before we finally got something. The rest of the drive was pretty much in silence. Both days. 

We stopped for the night in North Platte and then continued on Sunday toward Omaha. Pretty uneventful and as I said at the top of this post, a very different mood altogether. Also not photo worthy.

I was quite glad when we arrived home and spent the evening decompressing and catching up with Jim. 

Z spent the evening packing as she had to move into her dorm room today. 

So that’s it. All’s well that ends, uh… mostly well.  As I’ve said, if I fucked anything up this go-round, I get a do over starting next weekend. So much to do between now and then though. 

Cheers to wrapping up and moving on,

~Miss SugarCookie

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