2023-02-27 Goals? We Don’t Need No Stinking Goals…

Hello friends. Welcome to the end…

of February. 😜

About a month ago I posted a beefy January wrap-up that talked about everything under the sun–writing, books, shows, diet, exercise, publishing, podcasts, and, of course, goals!

Revisiting that is a good place to start because when a whole month goes by in a blink (and I’m not writing regularly), I forget where I’m at and where I’m going. So this not-so-beefy monthly wrap will be an update on some of that. 

Let’s start with goals. I kinda failed to clearly define any. After January I ditched the diet goal because I had met it with success and had formed some good habits. It’s feels good to be on a great trajectory without the help of goals and accountability. Go me!! All that will just continue into March and beyond. 

I still didn’t finish reading the book I’d started, The Passage, but made great progress after returning from vacation so I’m going to let go of official goals on this too. Letting go feels great and avoids the dreaded ❌❌❌ feeling of failure. Ha! 

What’s left? 

That would be cleaning and organizing my office for which the outcome was that stupid ❌❌❌. Didn’t even get started. Life happens you know and there was a ton going on every weekend and I just didn’t have the time. #truth 

What’s consuming all my time? 

Mostly stuff with the kids, parents and household but otherwise my work on TGLR continues to eat a big chunk out of my workweeks. Since returning from vacation, I drew a new line in the sand and don’t work on the weekends. That’s it. No more. Nope. The weekends are completely dedicated to my fam and also “me time.” 

The balancing act is ALWAYS a struggle and it kinda takes constant effort to focus on what’s important. It shouldn’t, but it does. 

Some of my “me time” was spent on workshops, working on revising some *almost finished* pieces, and submitting other things to various publications. 

I’ve had only one acceptance in the last 9 months so it feels like I’m in a long dry spell. I’m trying not to let it get me down, but it’s a serious bummer. Maybe I’ll do a whole post about this soon. 🤔 

The rest of my “me” time is actually “Jim and me” time and we’re doing serious planning for 2023–mostly home improvement projects and vacations. We also try to get out for QT a couple nights a week and have been winding down at night with a few shows. We finished Andor and are keeping up with The Last of Us. 

I think that’s going to be it for now. I’m not inclined to set any goals for March and will just carry over my February list. Which is no longer a list.. just a desire to clean and organize the rooms of my house. Ha! We’ll see. 

Peace and Love, 
~Miss SugarCookie

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