2023-03-23 Mid-March Woes

I’m all out of shows I’ve got interest in watching and no desire to crack open a podcast or audio book so I guess to pass the time l’ll try and get some words out. I apologize in advance for any unorganized chaos or ranting. If it’s in my brain, it’s about to come out…. 

First… some thoughts on goals and moderation. 

Late last year I set some dietary goals and new restrictions and that served me well for a few months. I did so good, in fact, that I decided I didn’t need to declare actual goals to keep on keeping on each month. Then it all fell apart (so dramatic). 

I gave up red meat (and pork and chicken too), and then I added the chicken back in and then the pork. Then in Seattle I got super frustrated by a few things and went “all-in” with beef again by having not one, but three tasty meals that included delicious beef. Two of which were cheeseburgers of course. 

Since returning home, I decided that an approach of “everything in moderation” is best. So far so good. 

Basically the same thing happened with alcohol but the outcome is a little different because I’ve basically discovered that any alcohol at all seems to result in a headache. I had two drinks at Charlestons restaurant (where I also had a cheeseburger 😏) that gave me a terrible headache all night long. The pain also held on through the following morning and it was truly rotten. 

Then yesterday I made myself a vodka OJ to enjoy with my dinner and though it was good, I ended up with a headache at night again. So I guess I can’t have any alcohol anymore. I feel like I was already being “moderate” about it. It is what it is I suppose. 

So that’s it. We are quickly approaching the end of March, and I’ve officially ditched all my monthly goals and resolutions. Whatever. We don’t need no stinking goals. 🙃

In other news I’m also coming to the end of the sidewalk with regard to the pursuit of my publishing dreams. I had been holding out hope for a few promising situations and both turned out to be fake news—Glitches in the matrix. Se la vi. So I’m officially pumping the brakes on sending more work in. It’s a familiar holding pattern and I’ll let the work currently under consideration at various publications return as it will without so much as a shrug. 

The queue will drain down and I’ll do my best to resist the urge to send more. I don’t think it will be tough. 

Somewhat related is the fact that I’m also pulling back on self promo and public appearances. I’ve got one more on the books for 2023 and then I’m done. That’s happening soon—in less than 2 weeks on April 4th and is a free Zoom hosted by the Nebraska Poetry Society. Details at: 

I honestly don’t even want to promote this appearance but I kind of feel obligated to for the NPS. It’s national poetry month and they are a great organization doing good work making poetry and workshops accessible for anyone interested in the craft. 

What else? I dunno. I wrote what I wrote there ⬆️ a few days ago and now I’ve lost the thread of it. Honestly my energy for everything and anything is waning. 

I stayed in bed today until 11:30 and really did not want to get up. Now I’m slow playing it on the treadmill and don’t really want to be doing this either.

Not quite sure what’s wrong with me, but I need to snap out of it. I think I need some warm weather and sunshine.. Or good news… Or something. I don’t even have the desire to rant about stuff that’s bothering me. Must be serious.

Guess that’s gonna be a wrap for today. Peace and love and thanks for reading.

~Miss SugarCookie

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