2023-04-03 The Great Poetry Debate of 2023…

Oops.. I did it again. 


I wrote a post that I never posted. /shrug 

Made a goal and then didn’t achieve it. /yup

Developed a good, healthy new habit and then lost it. #truth (followed by gaining back the pounds I lost in January and February.. ugh!)

So what’s the point anyway? 

To eat all the berries right off the vine as soon as they become ripe. 

Of course! 

It’s national poetry month and I should be doing as much poeming as I can but I just don’t wanna. Poetry can go suck it for all I care right about now. But that’s our little secret, ok? Don’t go flapping your pretty little lips about it. Not to anyone….

/ Pinky swear!

Guess I’m doing that thing I do sometimes having a running dialog with myself instead of an inner monologue. Wouldn’t be an innie anyway since it’s all public knowledge.

Anyway, I met with our Nebraska State Poet a couple weeks ago and he writes a new poem every week. A personal goal. And in the moment I was like “I can do that.” I should do that. But I’ve made that goal before and failed. Let’s see… in 2020, 2021, 2022… 

Nope. Prolly not going to happen. But that doesn’t mean I can’t or shouldn’t try, right? 🙃 

/Maybe 😏

But seriously.. I did try this morning. Like three different methods: Prompt, using a form, and being inspired by one of the many “poem a day” messages sent to me by the universe. All of these were a #fail. That’s probably why I have the “poetry can suck it” attitude today. 

But it’s still National Poetry Month and I’m in it to win it so I can’t give up that easy. 

Now… NOW.. do you see why I have this dichotomy going on in my spiel today? (I wanted to spell that schpeel)

This schtick is bonkers. 😜

Perhaps the answer, as it is with most things, is “everything in moderation.” 

If everything is being moderated it means that it is being made less extreme, intense, rigorous, or violent. 

Or.. it’s a public discussion that’s being presided over. 

So I guess I’m officially the moderator of this public discussion. And I suppose that means I’ll have the final say over the two opposing voices in my head. 

Language is so quirky right? 


I think that’s all I’ve got today. I’ve come to the end of my treadmill time and I’m sure if you are still reading this, that’s a relief.

Will I eat all the berries or just some of the berries? And will I wait till they are ripe?

Stay tuned to find out who won the great poetry debate. 

/ohhhh a cliff-hanger. 

More like a curb-hanger. 

Stay frosty my friends, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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