2017-02-07 Morning Workout Trial Run (or rather.. Jog)

This morning I tried something new. Since I was working from home, I decided that after I took the kids to school I would go to the gym with the 45 minutes I had between drop-off and getting started on work stuff. In the past I’ve tried to workout before work but it never really.. worked out. Ha.

I think that is because I tried to go do stuff before even getting the kids up which is 1) Way to early for me and 2) Difficult to do anything too intense when just getting going. It seems I always ended up with a stomach ache or just feeling a little “off” the entire day. So I never went back to it. But this is a little different. I’ve been up for an hour and made the kids breakfast and lunches and gotten dressed. So I’m wide awake and am out and about already.

45 minutes is not a lot of time (for me) at the gym because I generally like to walk and stretch and sometimes have a little sauna-time. I had to maximize the time I had so I decided to jog. About two weeks ago I just started jogging a mile at a pretty slow 3.5MPH pace. I seemed to be able to do a mile OK. Today was the first day I tried for 2 miles. I toggled between 3.5 and 4MPH depending on the tempo of the song I was listening to. Other than the fact that my knee has been bothering me, it wasn’t that bad.

When I started jogging there seemed to be a positive correlation between that and being able to sleep through the night and not wake up. Last week I don’t think I jogged at all and I had a worse week of sleep. I’m not sure if there is really something to that, but I’d like to keep it up to gather some more data.

On top of the jogging this morning I did two Jazzercise classes after work. I’m 18K steps on the day right now and feeling extremely tired. I could probably fall asleep now, but it’s only 8PM so that’s not a good idea. At the very least I need to get my kids to bed first.

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