2017-02-11 A Fantastic Day

Yesterday was the best day I have had in quite some time. I’ve thought about these sort of days in the past and tried to puzzle out the formula for what made it so good. I’ve even tried and failed to conjure a repeat performance of a fabulous Sunday I had once by retracing my steps and doing the exact same set of things. I believe that was not a success because each day stands on it’s own merit and there are to many factors outside of our control. You can’t control the weather for example.

Who knew it would be 60+ degrees yesterday? It is the second week in February in Nebraska after all. The moment I stepped outside and felt the warm sunshine on my face, the spring flowers in my heart began to push through the cold.

By that time, I had already had a productive, satisfying day of work and was feeling pretty good about it. In the morning, I was fresh off the best parent-teacher conference I’ve ever had the night before and my kids were successfully delivered to school on time and in good spirits. Positivity is contagious, so I always try to be fun and enthusiastic about the day in front of them. It sets a tone. They often follow my lead. Sometimes I have to fake it, but you do what you have to do. Yesterday though, I didn’t have to fake it. I just felt good.

Before work I went for a quick jog at the gym and that really got me motivated. While I was working, I kept a close eye outside my window and on the temp via my weather app. Once it hit 50, I knew I had to take advantage of the situation.

We went for coffee at Dunkin first. Windows rolled down. Sunshine pouring down. The sound of fresh air wafting through the car. I just could not help but feel that there was so much to look forward do. I had my new favorite drink, a hot macchiato with french vanilla swirl sweetener and whip cream on top.

We only sat for a few minutes before setting off again toward the lake. After we parked, there was a moment in the car that resonates with me. A sense of being together, and close, with roles reversed and me being the shoulder someone else needs. In a flash, though, it was gone, and we were off on our walk.

The steps went by effortlessly and the conversation was engaging and entertaining as always. It was warm enough for me to shed both my coat and my sweatshirt and my body was being warmed not only from the outside in, but also from the inside out. This is what happy feels like. How could I have forgotten?

After we parted ways, I paid a visit to Leah at Jazzercise and that class really kicked my ass. By the time it was over, my step count for the day was 22K+ and my FitBit was reporting that’s equivalent to 10 miles. That amount of activity also brings a sense of satisfaction to the day. I rewarded myself with Pizza.

The kids and I shared a Godfather’s (my favorite) jumbo pizza and watched several episodes of “our show”. My post yesterday made reference to my not watching much TV, but there is one show we watch as a family and that is “My Little Pony”. It’s always entertaining and always has a nice message. The fact that they still want to watch it, even though they are 14 and 12 is heartwarming. We were three and done on that and then went our separate ways to do our own thing.

Mine included continuing the anime I started this week (again, more on that from yesterday’s blog). So many feels. The day ended even better than it began.

I know I can’t force or recreate that kind of day again, but I can chose to be positive and trust in the coming spring and recognize that there will be many more in my future. The sun is up now and the birds are singing.. it’s time to start again.

To Health and Happiness,
Miss SugarCookie

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