2017-03-12 Sayonara Caffeine

I’ll be the first to admit that this past week I’ve pretty much been off the wagon when it comes to most things, especially my eating habits. The last two days, I’ve very much indulged in just about everything I decided I wanted, from ice cream, to cookies, to cupcakes, to candy. You name a craving, and I put it in my mouth. Sugar is the devil, and that really has to go.

There is no way I can cut that cold turkey because that struggle is just too real. Times I have tried to do that before I’m strong and motivated and have things under control for a while, and then something happens and it all falls apart. I need to find a more sustainable way. I need to find a better methodology for dialing it back and I think the answer may be baby steps (or toddler steps).

As I like back over the calories I’ve tracked for the past two months (has it really been that long?) using the MyFitnessPal app, I can definitely see a glaring heavy hitter that’s bringing a lot of sugar home. That would be my Dunkin’ Donut habit. So the immediate answer is to just start by minimizing that. I know I still need something to satisfy the desire to have a hot and tasty beverage in the morning or the middle of the afternoon, so I think I’m gonna try non-caffeinated tea instead.

Why cut the caffeine too? Well, I have several people who are also trying to cut down on the caffeine and it really is easier to achieve a goal if 1) You have the support of others and 2) There is not social pressure to fall back into a bad habit. So if they are wanting to cut the coffee and caffeine, then I want to be a good friend and support that and if they are doing that, it will be easier for me to do it too. It’s a win-win.

The other thing about making a small positive change is that it will hopefully become easier to make other positive changes. I know I can do it, because I have before in my life. I just need to focus on feeling good about this and gain momentum to make better choices about other things. Like resisting the dozen chocolate cupcakes leftover from my daughters party last night (or the rice crispy treats or M&Ms or cookies). I just have to remember, everything in moderation and .. baby steps.

One Thing at a Time,
Miss SugarCookie

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