2017-10-28 Switching Gears.. In 3rd Person

The post that is the conclusion of the “to be continued” previous posts on career and health and romance will be coming to the WordPress reader steam near you soon. However, at this time we are interrupting that regularly scheduled programming to take you to our world traveling corespondent, Miss SugarCookie.

She will be blogging live from sunny warm Hawaii at this time tomorrow. 

Follow along as she navigates the wretched adventure that is Air travel with two of our favorite allies tagging along to provide the Gen Z outlook on the situation. 

After that, it will be 7 days of tropical bliss to follow. You can expect to read about Haleakala and Hana and whatever other awesomeness they encounter. 

Check back daily for philosophical epiphany inspired by the beauty in nature and how it feels to be sleeping in and basking in the sun of 85 degree days in November. 

This destination is a lifelong, bucket list dream of our beloved Miss SugarCookie. You won’t want to miss it!

Time now to go finish laundry and travel prep.. her bags won’t pack themselves. 😉

Totally Stoked!
~Miss SugarCookie

(Oh yeah, I’m a blogging staff of one. Impressive right?!)

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