2018-01-09 Closing the Book On Day 1

The first day of the rest of my life was a complete success. I only had enough work for a couple hours but that left more time for another Cloud Guru course and this time it was my first lab. So now, yours truly, has an account on AWS and can create users, groups, and assign policies with permissions. I’m on my way!!

I also wrote a new poem with a topic that I was inspired by the day before and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t suck. I tried to edit the poem I wrote the day before too but got stuck on some detail in the middle. Damnit all if MY brain always wants things to rhyme. It just sounds better, but I’ve been challenged to stray away from that for a while so I’m trying.

My “textbooks” have not arrived yet and I’m using that as an excuse to not start working on my critical essays. I did research Emily Dickinson though (as far as what was on the wiki anyway). I’m fascinated by her life and can now point to that and say “hey look, she did that and so just take off your judgie pants”.

I’m referring of course to her reclusive life style and the fact that she didn’t aspire to be a published writer (or did she? 🤔). I’ve got more research to do and lots of her poems to read and I think there will be some clues in there.

I successfully survived day 1 of the whole 30 without giving in to temptation. My kids’ reactions to my declaration about the next 30 days…

Z “God damnit”.

C /shrug

Both of these reactions made me smile. I don’t encourage swearing in my house, but recognize that sometimes it’s appropriate. In this case, it was completely appropriate. Z knows it means dinners will all be cooked by yours truly and that I’m not going to feed her need for fast food or junk.

I smiled at my sons reaction too. It means he’s smart enough to know, for him, it won’t mean sacrificing anything. He doesn’t have the same dietary desires as his sister and I’d go so far as to say he even likes my cooking.

Today is Day 2. It’s not lost on me that if I’m going to make this work, I’m going to have to find a good balance. Not just the food, but exercise, reading, writing, parenting, sleep, and Work too. I might have to give in a little in the exercise department.

I need to work more than 3 hours a day and I need to spend about 4 a day on school work. I used to work an 8 hour day so that should be cake, but I’m still adjusting. I have more work assignments today that came out of our team meeting last night (our weekly team meeting is 8PM on Mondays) so I’m looking forward to getting started on that.

Tonight my sister is having me over for dinner. She’s the one doing the Whole 30 with me.. and she’s a good cook so I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to chatting and being able to talk about Simon. I’ve made light of the “end” of our relationship, but it’s not nothing. It’s something and I’ve got more to say about it.

Anyway.. Day 2 is well underway now and I’ve got to practice what i preach and cut this elliptical session short.

One day at a time,

~Miss SugarCookie

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