2018-02-07 Mid Week Musings

When there’s so much.. where does one start?

How about with the fact that my car was inches away from being the 3rd vehicle in a parking lot collision at the HS this morning. It was Kia vs. some boat of a chevey. That boat came busting across the end of an isle like her ass was on fire and getting into a parking spot was the only way to put it out.

When I saw her coming, I started to brake, but I knew I was going to hit her because my tires are shit and the parking lot is two or three inches of packed snow. That Kia saved me from a LOT of grief by hitting her first. My front bumper was ‘that’ close! Stupid teenagers.

Z was still in the car and I said “learn from other mistakes. Both mine and hers”. I think she gets it. This month is drivers ed and we are exactly 1 month away from her getting her license. I’m not ready for that.

(My lesson is to not go through that back parking lot anymore – stupid.)

The last few days of work have been busy but good. Im trying to add as much value as I can. I’m learning lots too. My team is superb and they don’t really need me but this is an opportunity to prove I’m capable and dependable.

I’m pulling data and counts from AWS logs and managing the issues spreadsheet and answering anything directed specifically at me. I’m really trying hard to keep my mouth shut (or rather my fingers from typing my opinion on things). I’ve got lots. Haha.

This week’s true test is to see if ‘shiny object syndrome’ exists in the veins of the team and how strong it it.

My steps are taking a huge hit from this work thing these past two days. It’s really cramping my style. 😂 But it will slow down today and balance out. I’m confident in that. I’m 3rd tier support so after this test, I only have to jump on when things get routed to me. It’s gonna be great.

Even though time has been tight so far this week, I sliced out some yesterday to finally open the response to my first big assignment for my MFA. The email had the words “great first packet” so that was positive from the start.

Inside was lots of feedback ranging from instructional to praise. There really wasn’t one comment that said “you got that wrong”. Perhaps it’s because the instructional comments were written suggestively without saying “you missed the point”. That was mostly on my critical essays. The sparkly comments were on the creative samples I submitted.

Lots of sparkles! I’m loving it!! I submitted mostly new things which means 1st or 2nd drafts. There were lots of suggestions too but the fact that there were comments like “loved this” and “really liked what you did here” gave me warm fuzzies inside. It motivates me to dig right in again and get started on revisions.

This is what I’m talking about when I talk about management recognizing positive outcomes. It leaves people naturally wanting to work hard. Not that tough to figure out or do, but somehow seems like an elusive concept at some places… or they just forget. I dunno.

AND GUESS WHAT??!!.. As of right now, I’m Whole 30 free!! Woot woot. I still haven’t decided what to reintriduce to my system and what to keep out. I wanna take it slow because I’ve heard people have stomach reactions from having too much too soon.

I’m going to do a whole recap post dedicated to the topic, but in short I’m glad I did it, despite what folks might think from my complaining and ranting. I’m also very glad it’s over! Very!!

I’ll probably still have eggs with guacamole and salsa and breakfast potatoes for breakfast. ❤️🍳🥑🍅

Might be time for that soon actually.

Happy Hump Day,

~Miss SugarCookie

PS. Happy Birthday to my Ex Husband. Thanks for giving me two beautiful babies!!

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