2018-02-14 The Gift Of Time

This poser holiday is even dumber than Groundhog Day. Can I get an Amen from all my fellow V-day haters?

Yet.. it’s a thing I can’t help but think I would be totally excited about if I was in a romantic relationship. /sigh

What do we do?
We kill a bunch of flowers.
We boost our capitalist economy with the purchase of stuffed animals destined for landfills.
We kill some trees.
We dismiss our health and give the gift of future diabetes to our loved ones.
And for what? As a display of love for the people we care about. Seriously!!

Those people deserve better. They deserve to be given better. And that starts with simple acknowledgement of our feelings not just today, but everyday.

Hug the people you can every day if you are able.
Tell them how you feel every day if you are able.
Show them how you feel by doing something thoughtful for them every day.
Because, you don’t just love someone one day a year. You love them every day. Or you like them or you don’t. 🤷‍♀️ They are your feelings to do with what you want.

How you feel on any given day might be temporary. Some feelings are fleeting. Life is long. Life is short. We should use the time we have wisely.

I’m just a girl doing the best I can with what I have been given for this life. That includes two beautiful children who I won’t get to spend quality time with today. It includes an ex whose primary concern today is child support. It includes having almost my whole day open for something wonderful. It will probably include writing some poetry. It will most certainly include some sort of self-indulgence in chocolate.

It’s pretty much just like every other day of my life right now… but it’s still special. Today is special because ive been given the gift of time and the freedom to spend it on (almost) whatever I want. And it’s already started and I’m already doing it. ☮️❤️😊

Time to start practicing what I preach!

No doubling back now,
~Miss SugarCookie

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