2018-03-28 On the Move Again – Austin Bound

I skipped my morning workout today to make room for last minute, anxiety ridden, travel related stuff. This included checking the weather at my destination and adjusting what was in and out of my bags. I travel light, so I always worry I’m not going to have appropriate things when I land. I’ve learned my lesson with Austin before. It may be the start of spring, but by now, they are already wearing sandals shorts. I have a good mix of cool and warm weather things and layers, so it will be fine. That does not mean i can stop my brain from worrying. Stupid brain!

I stayed the night with JS last night so he could take me to the airport today. I’ve actually stayed over a few nights now and it’s been really great. I mean, it must be because he’s been promoted from being Bachelor #15 to JS!! I’m not going to SugarCookie coat this.. he’s incredible and I’m quite smitten. More on that coming soon I’m sure.

I can’t wait to tell my Austin peeps about all of it. My visits have become fairly predictable and routine. The day I arrive they pick me up at the airport and typically Rebecca and I do lunch together and then work the remainder of the afternoon. We do dinner with the fam one night, and another night they get a sitter and we all go out. It’s always a good balance of going out and staying in.

This time, however, it will be very different I have a feeling. I’m arriving late in the day so that will throw things off at the start. HL arrives on Thursday and Jeff and Steph on Friday. We’re all going Saturday AM to cheer on HL who is participating in the Austin Rattler cycle race.

That’s a lot of people to accommodate! But Rebecca doesn’t think it will be a problem at all. I’m glad I have a little time with her and their fam before other people start showing up.

I also need to really try and get some hours in on homework and work this time around too. It’s actually quite a conducive environment to work in. The house is quiet and I have my own space and I’m free from worry about all the usual stuff.. kids, house, etc. It’s amazing how much a change in scenery can impact a persons outlook.

I was in Austin last year when I decided to quit my job. My contemplative “nature walks” always open my eyes to the bigger picture in life. I sometimes get stuck on details, and the physical distance from my normal life helps me see things more clear. Of course talking through things with trusted friends helps a ton too.

I call them my Austin Advisory Counsel. We actually debated what sounded better, counsel or committee or board. What a bunch of nerds! 🤓 it ended up being the AAC, cuz then the C could be either. Haha!

I’ll be very interested to see what they have to say about JS after I describe him and how things are going. Rebecca’s husband is particularly critical of my relationships and usually has good questions and sense and input when it comes to these things. He was spot on about Simon on one very key point that I dismissed in my being so hopeful about things. Objectivity is priceless!

We’ll be landing soon and I’ve got more reading to do. Tomorrow, I’ll be coming to you live from Texas!

In Transit,

~Miss SugarCookie

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