2018-06-15 Nashville Day 1 – Live from 12 South

I don’t know if ya’ll have heard the news – Nashville is the new Hotness and like all great fast growing metropolitan areas, each neighborhood has its own name/flavor/vibe to pull the cool people in. Our Air Bnb is apparently in the 12 South district – or so I’m told.

I arrived yesterday in the early afternoon and was picked up at the airport and promptly driven to one of the famous “Hot Chicken” places in town, “Princes Hot Chicken”. Really interesting because the guy I sat next to on the plane was pretty chatty and lives in Nashville and was telling me all about all the things I should do and see and eat while I am here. The Hot Chicken thing was on that list. I’m not much for spicy food so I’m really glad they had “mild” hot chicken option. Heh!

It was good, but messy to eat and a long wait in a very busy restaurant. There were five of us at lunch, and it was a decent first meet up. I had no idea that I would be overdressed, but “schmeh”. After that we headed to the house on Elliot street. There was a grocery store near by and folks decided we needed to get a few things for the house. The short story on that one, is that we overdid it (more on that later).

That evening dinner was at a place called Sambuca and it was really good food and good live music too. THat’s the other thing the guy on the plane told me about, that there would be bands and singers all over the place. So far from what I have seen, he wasn’t wrong.

At dinner was where I met my “boss” for the first time.. I mean, technically there are three founders to the company and they are all my bosses and one of them was the guy who picked me up from the airport. But at dinner, I met the guy who is basically the lead of the project and giving me my work. It’s very strange having worked with someone for like 6 months and meeting for the first time in person. He’s a great guy.

Toward the end of dinner, I was feeling very tipsy and not sure why since I had only had one drink and one glass of wine. That’s when I realized the waiter had been pouring wine into peoples glasses all throughout our 2 hour dinner. Ummm, OK. After dinner we walked to a hotel next door that had a “rooftop” bar on the top level. There were more drinks and something I haven’t had in years – shots of tequila. Oh My! I sipped my one drink and did my shot like a champ and spend most of the time chatting with folks about all kinds of stuff, some of which I don’t recall at the moment for some reason. 😉

Needless to say, I didn’t have a great sleep and was a hurting unit when I woke up today. Nothing like starting off with a bang. I’m sure there will be a lot more food and drinks and conversation in the next couple of days. I need to try to stay up for the challenge. Let’s do this!!

Doing the Smashville,
~Miss SugarCookie

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