2018-08-04 The Weekend I Needed

I’m right in the middle of it now. The thing I needed the most. Friday started out with another mini freak-out about not getting enough done and running short on time for everything. I had to mow which was a mess cuz the grass was 2 weeks long and wet. I had to take my son to the Hospital/Endocrinology clinic which took an hour and a half longer than expected. I had to put in about 12 hours at work if I was gonna hit my weekly quota and not have work on Saturday. I was wanting to pack up some things, including my cat, and go to Jim’s. My energy was low and my mood was a mirror to that.

I mowed the front yard and gave myself permission to skip the back until next week. I made the doctors appointment and subsequent trips to the pharmacy and McDonalds a priority. The pharmacy was to get a new prescription for C which is something he’s going to have to take for the rest of his life. Not awesome. The McDonalds was his request and I was really just wanting him to have whatever he wanted in consideration for the strain the appointment put on him.

After I took care of those priority things, I turned my attention to myself and my health and well being. I made myself lunch, sat and relaxed for a short spell, and then worked for about an hour. Just about then, it didn’t really matter how many hours I had left to work, my new priority became getting back into the arms of my love. Best decision ever.

When I arrived I sat with him while he ate a late lunch. We sat at the kitchen table for an extended period of time and he patiently listened to me while I vented about the appointment and my stupid ex who couldn’t be bothered to go to his sons examination and subsequent diagnosis explanation. He listened while I vented about poorly designed web forms and wasted time. He listened when I explained how stressed I was from trying to be full time just to be eligible for my work health plan and cover the actual payment for that in each paycheck. He held me as I broke into tears just needing some release and validation for feeling sad and mad.

That’s when things took a turn for the better. I had my emotional moment, and that was ok. After that, I carried my things upstairs and got back to work. I worked on and off all Friday afternoon into the evening and stopping for good when I was called down for dinner. Dinner which was steak cooked on the grill, rice, and roasted brussels sprouts.. plus a glass of red wine for good measure. I wasn’t worried about how little I worked or how many hours I may have to work on Saturday, it was going to be fine and he made sure of that.

We spent a great evening together and watched a Netflix original movie, “Extinction” (or something like that), and then retired to the bedroom for a great night sleep. We laid in bed for a long time this morning chatting and stuff and proceeded to have just the best Saturday ever. I felt bad about missing bar camp, but in hind-sight, it was for the best. I really needed this weekend with just the two of us and no kids and no pressure. Oh sure, today I worked a few more hours, but will fall well short of the required minimum. And that’s going to have to be just fine.

Just a few minutes ago I finished walking on the treadmill with Jim doing some weight lifting behind me and am now checking in on the Cloud-formation stack I launched earlier. I’m excited that it was a success! (Well as far as I can see it was a success). Next up we’re going to settle in for the night and watch another movie. Tomorrow is another day, and if today is any gauge of how that will go, I’m really looking forward to it. Excited to have more of what I need and less of what I don’t.

Always With Love,
~Miss SugarCookie

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